Themes: SteArm 1-8 (Final) - 1st March 2015


Well this is my final theme, I have just got a Raspberry Pi 2 for Kodi/XBMC. While waiting for everything to be delivered I started to mess about with a theme I had on my WDTV Hub. The theme is no way near complete it’s just I don’t want to spend any more time on it.

This theme Tab only home screen. After a couple of infinite reboots cycles, I have finally destroyed my WDTV Live (2014). It pissed me off too much.

I won’t be using WDTV any more, so I won’t be supporting or updating this or any of the themes that I have done, sorry.

Well that’s about it, all that is left is say thank you and goodbye.


SteArm (3.25MB)



My flickr photosteams.

SteArm 7(WIP 02).zip (969.96KB) - Added 14th January 2014


SteArm 7(WIP).zip (1.64MB) - Added 22nd December 2013


SteArm 6.3 (Linksheet).zip (21.13MB) - Added 7th June 2013

SteArm 6.3 (Linksheet)(Services).zip (128KB) (No linksheets included) - Added 18th June 2013

MOVIE DEMO FOLDER (SteArm).zip (7.9MB)

SteArm ThumbGen (791b)

All the Linksheets included with SteArm 6.3 (Linksheet).zip are 8-bit PNG’s Linksheets. I used ‘PNGoo’ to convert the 24-bit PNG’s created by ThumbGen to 8-bit PNG’s. ‘PNGoo’ also convert JPG’s to 8-bit PNG’s.


SteArm - Number (148.31 KB) - Added 14th May 2013


SteArm - Number 6 (123kb)- Added 22nd March 2013


SteArm - Number - (915 kb) - Added 14th January 2013


SteArm - Number - (627kb) - Added 5th November 2012


SteArm - Number - (1.61MB) - Added 9th September 2012


SteArm - Number 2.5 - (206.37kb) - Added 20th July 2012

SteArm - Number 2.5 (Deutsch) (198.16KB) - Added 30th July 2012

SteArm - Number 2 (153.57KB) - Added 16th July 2012

SteArm - Number 1 - Added 7th July 2012


This is a list of the xml’s in my theme and what they do or roughly what I think they do. Just in case anybody is interested.

album_playback.xml                                      Music Playback
background_browse_page.xml                  Setup > Appearance > User Interface Backgrounds
device_restart_confirm.xml                          Setup > System > Device Restart
dvd_navigation                                                Video Playback (ISO)
fwup_version.xml                                            Setup > System > Check Latest Firmware
inc_option_menu_page_list.xml                 Info Screen Items for option_menu_page.xml
inc_rv_home_menu_node.xml                    Home Screen Items for rv_home.xml
info_settings.xml                                             Decoration for Setup xml’s (Non WD)
meta.xml                                                           General Information about the theme
metadata_view_info.xml                                Videos/Music information
ok_cancel_messagebox.xml                        Resume/Restart Play
                                                                            Setup > System > Device Reset > Reset All Settings Except Online Accounts
                                                                            Setup > System > Device Reset > Reset All Online Service Accounts
                                                                            Setup > System > Device Reset > Reset All Reset Web Interface Login
ok_messagebox.xml                                      General Error Message?
option_menu_page.xml                                 Info Screen
rules_select.xml                                              Filter/Sort (Green Button)
rv_gallery_browse_page                               Video > Gallery View
rv_home.xml                                                     Home Screen
rv_large_photo_browse_page.xml              Photos > Large Grid View
rv_large_video_browse_page.xml               Videos > Large Grid View
rv_list_browse_page.xml                               Videos/Music/Photos > List View
rv_music_browse_page.xml                         Music > Grid View
rv_photo_browse_page.xml                          Photos > Small Grid View
rv_preview_browse_page.xml                      Videos > Preview View
rv_setup_entry_page.xml                               Setup Screen
rv_video_browse_page.xml                           Videos > Small Grid View
setup_about_device.xml                                 Setup > About > Device Info
setup_about_entry.xml                                    Setup > About
setup_about_network.xml                              Setup > About > Network Info
setup_entry_basic.xml                                    Setup > Audio/Video Output/Appearance/Video Settings… Submenu
setup_entry_item_basic.xml                          Setup > Audio/Video Output (example) > Video Output/HDMI Deep-Color Mode… Sub-submenu
setup_entry_one_item_basic.xml                 Setup > System (example) > Set Time Zone for Clock > (single item select)
setup_reset.xml                                                Setup > System > Device Reset > Reset All Settings Back to Factory Default
source_select_entry_with_bg.xml                 Select Content Source (Red Button)
source_select_server.xml                               Select Content Source > Local Storage/Network Share/Media Server Submenu with tick box
theme_list_browse_page.xml                       Setup > Appearance > User Interface Themes > List View                
video_run.xml                                                    Video Playback


This would work perfectly on a beamer. Too bad I don’t have one anymore. I would definitely use this theme. I have had a non hd beamer and this would work great.

very clean looking, good job… keep learning and you will be making full themes in no time.

i like this type of theme,

it works perfect for the output from my projector.

This reminds me of my old setup.

A 1080i projector hookup with the old WTDV Gen 1.


Thank you for your reply’s, I’m happy that you like it.

I’m going to share some frontends that I have done, when the pictures have been approved. I will put them together in one post.

Thank you again.


stearm wrote:

Hello, this is my first post on any forum.

I have created part of a theme that I would like to share with you, a front-end and three video views.

I use the hub to watch movies on a projector, it isn’t high resolution so I have to keep things as minimal and as bold as possible. I wanted a front-end with a similar style to the Sony XMB, Boxee and the XBMC skin Shade, but using the hub’s own icons.

I’ve been experimenting with Manny Miller’s front-ends to get the effects I wanted. I’ve have no idea how to code a line of xml, so I experimented with JoeySmith’s xml’s, deleting parts, getting reboot’s, until what I was left with I kind of understand.

The speed of all the video views I think are good.

I’m using a WDTV Live Hub on firmware 3.05.10

It’s a 78kb download and hope to read your opinions on the theme. If you have any problems with the theme. I’m not sure I will be able to help, because I am still learning as a go, but I will try to help.




The movies are from the ‘MOVIE DEMO FOLDER’ from Alaska Resurgence download by JoeySmith.








Thank you for viewing my post.



I love the views very nice, great job, i love the original mochi theme and this fits perfectly. I’m not good with the theme editing, any way you could add the the icons and the time to the right corner to some of the views, just a suggestion.


Hello Jersue,
The file is 2.6kb.

I have put the time and the green, red, yellow and blue icons in two of the views in the right corner like you asked, and I have also tidied the views up a bit. I have put the time in the frontend as well. All you have to do is to copy and replace the files to the folder on your Hub

If you like. In the rv_browse_common_widgets_Jersue.xml file, (I hope you don’t me calling it that) you could delete the 



The Filter and the Content Source information will now be in the left corner.

I didn’t put the time in originally because on my Hub the time is off about 6 minutes and I don’t know to change it and the Hub isn’t connected to the internet.

And thank you for your comment.


Just a message about the new update. See first post.


Thanks for adding those to your views looks great, keep up the good work, trying them now.


"I don’t know how to remove the small bright dots in the middle of each of the thumbs in the video browse page xml."

Looks good,   here’s a solution to remove all the White Dots.


Hello JoeySmyth,

Thank you for sorting out the white dots in the video browse page for me. Those things have been a right pain in the back side for me.

I don’t fully understand the kudos system here, because I don’t have a facebook/twitter or any other social network account. So I will click your kudos button as an extra thank you.


Hello, stearm

No Probs, Happy to help :smiley:   

What should I do to use this theme on my Live SMP? Extract the RAR file and then create a ZIP from root or need to change something before?

The RAR file has only 8 XML’s

Hello nottlle,

I’m sorry I don’t have a Live SMP just a Hub. But I would be interested if it did work on one.

It seems to me that on the Hub if there are any files missing from a theme it just uses the files from the default Mochi theme.

I’m sorry couldn’t be any more help.



Same thing you did with the Black Mamba Theme, Mojo and Surreal Themes.

( 8 xml’s & the image folder is Fine… the Live Streaming will automatically supply the rest)

EDIT:  you will need a   meta.xml  file,  just borrow one from the above themes and include it with the 8 xmls.

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@Stearm loving your efforts.  Simple, quick and looks good.

This may be a question for Joey’s expertise but I was wondering, for this view:

is it possible for the first thumbnail to be the anchor/scroll point?  At the moment the selection goes across to the third thumbnail and scrolls from that point until the end of the pick list is reached.

By the way your theme runs perfectly on the SMP running the latest FW and using Joey’s video fix and suggestion of using a meta.xml from another theme.




Fixed scrolling postion does not work for values less than 1      (eg  fixed_scrolling_col=“0”  will not work)

Numerical order of Thumbnails always begins with  0 (Zero)  which happens to be the 1st Thumbnail.

Ive done workarounds, but none with satisfactory results.

I installed on Live SMP with the tip of Joey.

For ease, I did upload the zip for those who want to install on Live SMP.

I just added the file meta.xml (already published with the name “Mochi WIP2 Colour Shade” and the credits for stearm).

 Sorry for my english


Wow stearm I’m really impressed with your theme, might be my new favorite. I’m glad you went ahead and made a full theme.

I just had a couple questions. Is it possible for me to use that preview page layout as my video browse page? I really like the amount of thumbnails you have on that page cause my collection has grown so large that it becomes a nuisance to scroll through a couple hundred pages lol.

And this question is if my first question is not possible. In the video browse page you have all the non-selected thumbnails dimmed out until you scroll over them. Can i change that?

I hope that made sense and Keep up the great work.