Theme: Kudos V6 - Hats off to JoeySmith and co!

You got it. TV Season is for the the Series, and TV Sheets is for the individual Episodes.


Yay, thanks for confirming it.I didn’t know if that was the way it was meant to be. Just the way it worked for me.

It would have been fantastic if you could add a fourth template, because the only thing missing from the TV Sheets profile is the Series folder cover. That way you could have it all in one go.

Or have the “Extra Thumbnail Tools” using the templates

Anyway thank you all. Now I’m beginning to love this little device. If only you could have two separate sections in the Home Screen Menu for Movies and TV Shows in order to use two different views (gallery for movies and List for TV  Shows) without having to press a lot of buttons every time, it would be perfect :slight_smile:

Lesterbangs, thanks for this theme, it’s easily my favorite compilation right now. The mixture of Alaska and the Welo gallery are just perfect for me! Thanks to the creators especially.

Just one quick question. Using the non-moviesheet version, do you get the icons showing up for folders and files that don’t have a cover? Mine are just plain gray, even though I think the actual icons appear in the zip files images folder. I’m just not smart enough to troubleshoot why they aren’t showing up in any of the gallery views.

Any tips?

it may seem like a stupid question, but i don’t get the moviesheets running.

I use Thumbgen to generate them, is the anything to consider (name for example, more movies in one folder and so on)



i solved this with a workaround:

I used the Thumbgen Bundle from Kudos V4.1 Beta03 Thread and the Kudos V6 Theme.

For the Moviesheets you need the XML Files , i think.

has anybody noticed that the skipping bar dos not turn red completely? I mean, when you are about to finish a movie, there is a blank grey space between the end of the red part and the cursor…

Theme looks amazing :slight_smile: love your work… Question though… the theme i have installed and have done for all my movies is Kudos version 4, the one with iron man as the video home screen. If i were to have this theme… does that mean re creating moviesheets for all the movies i have done??? Its been a massive job and would hate to think id have to do it all over again?

Has anybody noticed that when you press the play button for playing all files in a folder, it does nothing. It works when you change to the original theme but not with this one.

Looks very nice but is not downloadable anymore…

Can anybody help me to get it?

I am also looking for this theme.If ayone could help it would be appreciated