Welo Gallery *MiniMod*

I don’t have much time to create themes lately … but had a few hours spare today.

Have mainly been using thumbnail view for movies … so tried combining them with gallery view.

This is Not a full theme … it’s just a *mini gallery mod*  i’m sharing with the community. 

(Inspired by Welo for XBMC … Author liquidskin76)



nice work as usual joey

I’ll try it good work! It looks cool.  I want to try mixing different themes as soon I’ll have more time, after the university exams session :wink:


Looks nice

Looks nice can it be put into the legacy theme have tried but to no avail.


Quote: “can it be put into the legacy theme have tried but to no avail”

It can be put into any theme … Just replace and overwrite files

Here ya go, i put it into the “Legacy” theme for you (SMP compatible Zip File 13mb)


Thanks for that awsome.

Looks awesome love the shadow and choice of color.

Thanks bro :slight_smile:

Thanks littleg68

I too, like the choice of color and shadow … but the design is not my own

It’s an ‘adaptation’ of the XBMC Welo Skin by liquidskin76  click

(i just coded the one view to work on the Live Hub. I might do more, for the other views … when i have the time)


This is awesome.  A great easy way to get rid of the annoying slideshow background and have a clean look with easy navigation.

Thanks a million!

Hey Joey, Any chance of getting the stars removed?

Like this


Hope its a easy change because i love this view other then the rating stars as i find them useless.

Thanks bro, hope you have the time to help :wink:

Have a great weekend everyone :slight_smile:

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edit   rv_gallery_browse_page.xml   and remove

<image image="@@rating" x="955"y="540"w="124"h=“21” align=“hcenter”/>

edit  Games_icon_004.png   with a graphics program (Gimp / Photoshop)

rezip it all and you’re done

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Excellent bro, thanks :slight_smile:

I already did the image.

Still need a little help, there is still the thumb issue showing more thumbs where there is no files.

See here

I would like no thumbs showing where there is no files.

Hope you got a fix :wink:


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I’m running older Firmware (2.07.17) the background code doesent work (the thumbnail overlay)

It works on later Firmware (but i’m happy where i am and it’s difficult the code something i can’t see)

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ok, i will give it a look.

Thanks again!

you’ll need to replace

<wrapper y=“41” w="173"h=“246”>

<wrapper y=“275” w="173"h=“268”>
<image image=“image/Games_icon_002.png” x=“64”  bg=“1”/>

with this background code for ALL

<image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_0" x=“64” active="@@act-browselist-0" disable="@@bg_disable_0"bg=“1”/>

<image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_1" x=“227” active="@@act-browselist-1" disable="@@bg_disable_1"bg=“1”/>

etc etc

and rename the image  file_icon_005.png   to   video_browse_gallery_thumbnail_holder_n.png   (from memory)

and place it in the Gallery folder


Hey, great… i get yeah :wink: Thanks for the help.

I’m sure the next thing you release ( If you do ) i will be changing to anyways… lol

Gheers bro :slight_smile:

no probs :smiley:  also note… you will lose the “Shadow Effect” on the bottom row of thumb doing the above modification.

Is it possible to put your theme is available with the changes you made? thank you :wink: