I have been working on several themes, but because I have limited time to work on them and it may be who knows when when I get them completed, I thought I’d just start a Mini-Theming thread for those who may be working themes but don’t have time to get a complete one out.  And this might help others who do have time to work on themes to get some out faster, but if you use someone elses ideas, please make sure you give them credit.

This is for posting xmls, icons, etc. that are changes from other themes but that will work with current themes available.  Also, if you have genre icons or backgrounds this might be a good place to post those things too.

Here’s a few of my changes:

Larger Music Cover Art:  This will give you a larger cover art view when play music.  Should work with any theme and will also automatically change the cover art for ablums played using a playlist.


UPDATE:  This is an update of the music Play Album view (as shown above).  This update includes a new lightbar, as well as a frame for the larger cover art.  The lightbar is now wider and the song counter, favorite, and rating stars are now moved farther to the right and gives more room for longer song names.  Give it a go, see what you think. 

P.S. I will leave the link for the one above up for those that want that view.

New Larger Music Cover


Larger Thumbnail in Gallery View: This wil show a larger Thumbnail on the focused thumbnail.  Also moves page count and left right arrows to the top and gets rid of the dashboard, fitler, etc. icons at the top.  It also changes the postion of the metadata (it’s a slight change, mainly moves everything up and adds more lines for overview). If you use this with the Anodized theme, make sure you copy the new “video_browse_gallery_overlay.png” to the Gallery folder.  This also fixes the issue with folder icons not showing up in the metadata plane (where the larger icon appears).  Sorry, no fix for folder metadata, this is a firmware issue.

(UPDATE - 2-23-11) This has been updated to fix issue with rating and favorite icon in the wrong place.

(UPDATE AGAIN - 2-24-11) Fixed issue with “OVERVIEW” displaying incorrectly.


Animated Icons: These are replacement icons for the Anodized animated icons.  If you use make sure that you modify the “inc_rv_home_menu_node.xml” to match the correct animation numbers as needed.

Weather Icons:  This includes new weather icons, just copy the folder in the zip to the “image” folder.


Sorry for the terrible photo quality, I’ll try to get some better shots later.


Thanks a lot!

Here’s some more Music changes.

Music Thumbnails: This is for larger Music Thumbnails.  This stlll gives you 12 icons per page, but with much larger Cover Art.  This is mainly for the Anodized theme, basically because that is what the new icons are for, although if you modify the icons it should work for any theme or you can just use the icons I’ve made, but it will not match any other theme.  Anyway, give it try and let me know if you like it.

Here’s a render of how each thumbnail looks.  Or check it out HERE.

Music Thumbnail render.jpg


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I like this idea of code snippets.

Weather and Time minimod: This is just a rewritten decoration.xml and 2 images to be included in any theme. It let’s you change or get rid of the annoying black boxes behind the weather and time in the upper right corner of the screen, a rounded semitransparent background is included. As it does not change inc_weather.xml or any of the images in the accu_weather folder, chances are good this will be acceptable by WD to get your theme in their official download list.


P.S. Thanks again Tinwarble for pointing me to Mediafire to upload files to. Consider this a token of my gratitude :slight_smile:

i like that weather and time mini mod!!

maybe it’s time to emigrate to a new forum or “wd live hub” section of a current forum

Especially to concentrate and harmonize the knowledge base about Theme, Tips or other goodies

It’s very anarchic and difficult to follow development

It’s my feeling :stuck_out_tongue:

good job Tinwarble, i like that ! 

This is a modified List view.  This will affect Music & Photos as well as Videos when viewing them in list mode.  Give it a try, see what you think!!!  Read the README file on how to install.



Anybody can explain me precisely how to enable the Weather and Time minimod?


Hey Tinwarble!! Great job, on the list view.

Hi Tinwarble

Where can I change the font on the  Larger Thumbnail in Gallery View: ?

I’m assuming there is a system file somewhere? also, are the fonts restricted to just a few options?(Ariel, TNR…)

Love these mini Themes, many thanks for them





The font styles are embedded in the firmware, I’m not even sure that you could change them even by a FW hack.  From what I can find, just by looking through the xmls, it seems that the HUB uses third party files for the font styles.

And your welcome for the mini themes.  I hope you enjoy them.:smiley:

Some nice stuff here i will play around with these as soon i can

Ok, here is another Music mod.  This one does the same thing as the Larger Music Cover Art as shown at the top of the first page, but this one also adds a Larger “No Cover Art” icon as well.  It also has a new Music folder icon.  Check it out, see what you think.

Larger Music Cover Art w/ Larger No Cover Art


All icons done by me, these are not pic cut outs, but are icons made from scratch using GIMP.  So if you use any of the icons I make, be sure to give credit were credit is due.


Does anyone know which xml file controls the position of the “Videos”, Music", Setup"…text on the main page? and also the “xxx new films” text?

I need to put them in the middle of the background image (i.e. main_videos_icon_f.png).

Thanks in advance.


Coming soon.  Preview mod.


Looks Nice :smiley:

Here’s the download for my Preview mod.  There are 2 versions of this mod, the first one does not include the file text, the second one does, but scrolling is slower.  Both mods also include a weather / time mod.

To use, just copy the xml’s to the theme folder, then copy images to their respective folders.

image to image,  Preview to Preview and accu_weather to accu_weather.  If you don’t have an accu_weather folder, just copy the entire folder to Theme / image folder, it should still work.

There are also 2 versions of the “video_listview_full_screen_f” and “video_listview_full_screen_n”. One is textured (which is the default one) the other is smooth and contains a “2” at the end of it’s name.  To use the smooth one, just place a “1” at the end of the name of the default one and then delete the “2” from the smooth one.

After you copy all the images & xml’s to your theme folder, you should reapply your theme by going to Settings/Appearance/User interface themes, then reselect your theme.  If you don’t the weather/time mod may not show up on the main screen.


Preview TWmod

Preview TWmod2


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Very very nice, cool and professional looking! Its not like you just throw some text and imgs onto the screen, it looks to me you think alot about details. I start more and more to lov your work :slight_smile:

There is just one thing Tinwarble at the Music album sheet: The space for longer mp3 files is to short and should be increased by moving filecounter, ratingstars and fav more to the right. The selcted orange border png could be also bit increased to the right.

cheers PyschoTHC


Thanks, that you like my work means alot considering the work that you’ve done, which I luv by the way.

As for the Music album sheet (I’m supposing you mean the Play ablum view).  Yes, I had thought about increasing the size of the lightbar and moving every thing to the right a little more, I just got a little side tracked working on other views, icons & trying to come up with my own theme, which I’m limited to what the firmware can do.

Anyway, I’ll try to get that done in the next few days & post an update for it.  If you see anything else on any of the other mods, let me know.  With all the xml changes, changing the icons and then making the renders for everything, some times I miss little things.  And I’m always looking to improve on what I’ve done.

Again, Thanks alot.

Have a good one,