Feedbck needed

been spending  long time trying to make a theme and learning to use photoshop but would like some feedback as i made myself i dunno what i think about it 

so would like some honest feedback 

link to screens



Mmm its a bit of a mess to be honest.

Are they working screens or just some cut and paste, because I don’t think its possible to have some things the way you have them there.

There is no point in doing that if its not feasible on the Hub.

There is just to much going on there, I suppose all the cartoon covers being so busy don’t help.

I see what you’ve done, and it is possible.

But I have to agree with wdtvhub, it is really busy.  The first screen doesn’t make much sense since your are going to cover up almost half the background image with thumbs.

My suggestion to you though, is to do something that you like.  Don’t worry about trying to impress the rest of the community, if you’re going to do a theme make it for yourself.

I don’t think 2-3 would be very popular but I like that you are trying something new.

Having said that you would probably kick some but around here if you would make the background from picture 1 work as an active version (it can be done with overlays and 3in one images with 3 perspectives and pan command) this would be highly advanced but probably the best looking navigation in history.:laughing:

thanks for the ansewers guys and girls and just to clarify they are all print screen from the hub the only thing thats cut and paste is screen 2 and 3 but the print screen wouldent get the movie sheet but it is how they look on the smp.

Tinwarble thanks i do believe your right  and i am trying to make something i like thus this is my 3rd version of  gallery view and regarding screen one sometimes it just will look like that when browseing my drive nd it dosent look to good when there is not full folder ll the wy down but o cant start the folder from the buttom

Dev. :smileyvery-happy: 

thanks for nice words but i do not understand what you mean this is my gallery view as it looks and it works ?

and regrding screens one and two i think you are proberly right but it looks kind of good on my 42 inc tv, i know it dosent look it in the screens but there are “alot” of  details ibn the black but that said they need some fine tuning

but im out of ides just keep shuffeling the same things round. 

Mmmm well that’s a different story then.

The second and third picture does interest me, to have the covers on 1 side, and a backdrop and film info in the other is a bit of a holy grail for me. I can’t get into selecting options then view backdrops etc…

You have everything there, Imdb, file info…

How did you do this ?

Stick up a Beta for a play. :slight_smile:

hey wdtv 

i am not sure what you mean i just use movie sheets 2 per movie I love :laughing:

but you can view info but not backdrops

OK I get that that’s a movie sheet.

So you have thumbnails that you can scroll on the left, and that shows the movie sheet on the right ?

If so that’s pretty cool, and goes back to older style themes.

But I don’t understand how you can have 16 thumbs and such a large movie sheet displaying, the thumbs must be quite small ?

And what’s the speed like for browsing through the thumbnails, as I have found all to be sluggish… ?

the thumbs are aabout the default size in the mochi theme 

nd browsing in local folders are surprisingly fast,

network browsing a bit slower. (its all very slow the first time but after you hve scrolled through once its good)

but i have made it so you always have the title until moviesheet catches up

but to be honest my nvigation is terrible my understang of the xmls is ûber limited so i just tryed differet codes from other theames and used what was best