Very basic gallery view "mini - theme"

My apologies in advanced if I have broken any protocols -  this is my first posting.

Before I start, I would like to acknowledge Psycho THC’s theme that this ‘mini- theme’ is based on.

I would also to acknowledge TINWARBLE and JOEYSMYTH for the continuing support of these forums.  Although this is my first post, I am a long-time lurker and without their knowledge I would never have had the confidence to even contemplate playing around with themes.

I have this running on the SMP.  I know that this forum is for the HUB but they don’t have a dedicated theme forum and I do believe that this will work on the HUB as well.

The layout is very basic.  I have done it like this to keep it simple while I am learning how to do it.  However, the simplicity of it seems to make it easier to read the information.

This does not use movie sheets.

Here are a couple of screen shots of the theme.

I have not loaded this theme on the net for download as I have no idea how to do that.  If someone is interested in dowloading it I will find how out how and make it available or send you the files necessary to change the gallery view.  For this view to work I have played around with the .wd_tv folder to get different thumbnails to display.

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Try an External Image host … eg. Imageshack, Flickr  


Because nobody can see your images until they are ‘Approved’ by Moderators.


Can take 24 Hrs (or Longer on Weekends)



Thanks for the hint.  As I mentioned, I am not familiar with all of the website(s) for downloading and/or hosting files (but I am willing to learn).  I am in between work shifts at the moment and will try and learn how to do it as soon as I get a break from work.

I was going to send some more images of other views that I have done when I get a chance. I will do it the way you suggested for these as well.

Nice job, its good to see new talent :slight_smile:

Congratulations for your first mini-theme PGrated !

It encourages others also to publish mini-themes from one or several xmls - thanks, hope to see more from you. 

Thank you for the welcome, I do plan to learn more about theming – it may just take some time.  I am trying to learn by developing a theme without using movie sheets for my first one.  Once I have mastered this I will move onto movie sheet based themes as well.

Speaking of which, I do have some (OK, a lot) of questions. I thought I would post them in this thread so to keep all the info on this together.  If this is not the correct way to do it please let me know and I post a new thread.

With all of these questions, I have searched the forums and google and have not been able to get a definitive answer.  If the answer is somewhere and I have missed it please let me know.  I am trying to do as much as I can myself so that I learn so I can then pass this knowledge on to other people within this community.

Q1.  Can you have only the year display next to the date? I have seen this on some themes.  Is this due to using movie sheets?  I want the TV shows to display as a ‘full’ date (dd/mm/yyyy) with movies and music video clips to be displayed as year only.

Q2.  Can I make the ‘minutes’ bit in the total time disappear?  I want to display minutes/seconds for music video clips.  At the moment, I have just shrunk the total time field so that it does not have enough room to show the word but it leaves three (3) full stops.  Can I get rid of the full stops?

Q3.  I saw on one thread by Joey_Smyth that if you name a folder with an .avi extension you can display metadata.  Does this still work with the latest firmware or did WD “FIX” that?

I am happy to manually edit xmls (but only if I have to).  The way I see it, once you do that initial set-up of your media files, it doesn’t take long to maintain it as you add extra movies/TV shows.

Q1: Yes and No (" Info view" will except and display 2013  All Other Views Won’t… N/A   (Firmware Restriction)

Q2. Again this is Firmware controlled. Shortening the Totaltime will result in unremoveable “dots”

(and before you get exicted if you discover the disable_tail_dots=“1” code … this Only works for

Q3. Tested  “Working Again” on Firmware 3.05.10

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How do you make the Episode Covers

I downlaod the jpgs off the internet.  I create the jpgs with the episode titles through microsoft publisher.

I have my hard drives hooked up via an USB hub.

I don’t actually modify the rv_gallery_browse that much.  All I do is adjust the positioning and size of the thumbnails.  I just play with the .wd_tv folder (cache). 

There are no moviesheets involved and display is instantaneous once you scroll through the screens to all allow the SMP to cache the thumbs.

It is very tedious though and Tinwarble has told me that it may be the long way about to achieve what I want.

If you would like a more detailed explanation let me know and I will post something up.