[WIP] myfirst theme

i’ve had my wdtv live hub for almost a month now, and i have been very happy with it, especially when i found out that there is a very active themeing community.

i have been installing themes and creating moviesheets since i found out about them, i also got interested in creating a theme of my own.

this is based on a mock interface i saw on dribbble.com, i have only been working on it for a few hours, but i would like to post a picture here and hear what you guys think.

i only have a working gallery view page, but if there is enough interest, i might continue working on it and w/ proper permissions, release it here in the future.

i would appreciate and feedback and constructive comments.


Your theme seems great please continue ! :slight_smile:

(don’t forget a tv show template ^^)

thanks, will definitely work on this theme.

decided to test it on a bigger tv, and i’m uploading a few more shots here






detail shots:



Looks clean!

Keep the good work…

Very modern :slight_smile: defo keep it up

thanks. :slight_smile:

added a few things

-imdb rating stars

-MPAA rating

-(TV SHOWS) program name / season no.

here is a sample of what i have for tv shows:

made one backdrop/cover art for each season.

Looks good, but is this theme done on the live hub or on the new live streaming hub?

i’m working on it using a wdtv live hub, the one w/ 1tb harddrive inside. i have no idea if it would work on other wdtv devices.

All themes will work on both the SMP and the HUB.  The only difference is that the SMP has more menu items (mainly just for RSS feeds).

Thats interesting! was wondering how the 2 TV titles, i.e Season Number and TV show title [small text] and tv episode title [large text] was achieved?

Is this a recent feature added in the latest firmware?

@architectonic - the first one, Show name / Season no. was achieved using moviesheets, i outputted the show name/season no. along with the imdb ratings on a transparent bottom corner of my generated moviesheet, and just positioned those details on the gallery view page.

the second one, episode no/episode name was just the title on the generated xml file for each episode, i used a program that gets info from thetvdb.com and can output the episode title to whatever format you like, in this case i used episode no. / episode title.

i will have to get back to you on what that program is called, i forgot the name, and i will have to boot into my windows partition to find out.


Looks great for a gallery view. Anticipating a release…

Looks good wouldt mind this myself =)

Look’n good.

How did you get the MPAA rating on your movie sheets?  Is that embedded from ThumbGen or is that in the XML scraped from IMBD and you have your XML insert it with the other text?   I’d like to add MPAA rating to my XML parameters to display as text on the Darklight theme i’m messing around with.