My 1st Live Hub Theme Project

Have been the proud owner of the Live Hub for a Couple weeks now and decided to try my hand at modifying the interface.

For my personal preferance, im discarding lots of HUD elements (eg. Time, Temperature etc.)  to achieve a look dedicated to Movie,Music & Photo Media. (List and Thumbnail View)

I want to modify as much as i can before uploading … might take a while (doing this in my spare time)

My  Newbie attempt at a Movie List View with Sheets. (other Views & Media a Work In Progress)

p.s. I modded the List View on the Hub 1st, but for the purpose of screenshots i copied the various xml and graphics into the old wdtv gen1 emulator for pc to get a 100% accurate screen of what i have running on my hub :slight_smile:

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Wowwww Joey, outta the blue you come up this real nice mod !!!

If thats your Newbie attempt lets see where you can go with this idea.

Please give a little more info on how you are achieving this look…

Also great idea about using the old wdtv gen1 emulator for pc to get screenshots…

If you need anyone to beta test i be more than willing

I think its simple,.to get this working

You just generate wall moviesheets…with a modified template  and set it as a thumbnail for the actual movie itself.

Works like a charm for wall moviesheets in listview.

modify rv.list view xml and add the following scale_type=“fixratio” selected_scale=“100”  in the wrapper classof @@thumbnail_list_page

Tried it yesterday with extremedigital listview!

Any way nice, work man!!! (its not a newbie attempt lol), clean and simple.

You gave me an idea for tv show sheets!

very nice, very nice.  I wall view with the info on the right side would also be cool…hint hint

Alteration of a ‘number’ of x,y,w,h co-ords… plus creation of Thumbgen Template to Match and Intergrate with  the co-ords :slight_smile:

It’s planned… hint hint :wink:

Hi Joey …

Real nice work and great explaination…

Btw are you using movies in individual folders or all movies in same folder

As it looks like you could be using the folder.jpg as the moviesheet…

Or are you using the moviename.jpg as the moviesheet…

Seriously its also making me think as well … hmm firetix what’s your idea ??

Joey do your folders have a thumbnail?’

whats the link for the emulator?

is it possible for the file names to display from left to right at the bottom

instead of top to bottom?

If this is the case then,  i could use any normal moviesheets!

Joey do your folders have a thumbnail?’

No, in this setup there is only one main folder called 'MOVIES" and in it … are all my movies…

I have the Media Library turned ON.



Avatar.jpg  (which is the MovieSheet)


Batman Begins.mkv

Batman Begins.jpg (which is the MovieSheet)

Batman Begins.xml

etc. etc.

whats the link for the emulator?

Note: this is an emulator for WDTV Gen1 … what i did was use x,y,w,h co-ords   from Live Hub xmls and replaced the Gen1’s List view with those values (and graphics)

You CANNOT use any  Live Hub XMLs (eg. any of the “rv_” 's ) in the Emulator… only their ‘Values’  x and y and w(width) and h(hieght)

is it possible for the file names to display from left to right at the bottom

instead of top to bottom?

Sure, it’s possible :)  just not part of the design im focusing on :slight_smile:

If this is the case then,  i could use any normal moviesheets!

Please remember, im New to all of the Live Hub modding… and dont have all the answers… and am also most probably wrong about some statements… im just ‘Tinkering’ at the moment and still trying to get familiar with the code.

I will try to do a VIDEO DEMO tommorrow, plus a Screen Cap of my File and Folder Structure for a clearer explanation. :) 

so farso good, I may fire up the emulator to have look, usedto use it with my gen1 also

Hi Joey, LOL

Well for a ‘Newbie’ you certainly have jumped right in the deep end… :smileyvery-happy:

Ok makes sense that you have all movies in one folder and NOT using the dummy file method…

Between your mod and what i just learned on Tinwarbles thread i am rethinking everything about the Hub…

This looks brilliant, keep up the good work man.

After pretty much a whole day of ‘tinkering’ with various things…

I managed to get ‘Music Sheet View’ working.

Biggest problem was List View is shared with ‘Videos’ and my template for movies/tv was 677x648 which is not a ‘Square’ shape which Music CD covers are.

So i redid the movie/tv template to 630x630 (so aspect for both medias are correct)

Also, the little “shadow list divider” was part of the template… no longer… it’s now drawn in from xml code to

overlay on list view.

Anyways, forgot i had guests arriving tonite so ive run out of time to do a video demo, and good quality screenshots.

Here’s a couple of pics shot with a crummy digital camera :)  sorry about the quality.

Real Nice Work Joey…

Don’t worry about using your digital camera, as it adds authenticity…LOL

Also for example we can see you now have rounded edges as well on the thumbnail / moviesheet part…

When you say 630x630 is that the actual size of the template and then you position via x,y co-ordinates ???

or the the template 1280x720 but the visiable section 630x630 … just checking …

I be interested to see what you do with your other views esp Gallery view…


I like that hover effect, can’t wait to use your theme smileyvery-happy:

Discovered something interesting today.  in regards to “Metadata”… It Might be a well know ‘hack’ ,  but i will post this anyway in case people are not aware of it.

Media Library must be “On” and also there MUST be an XML file for the Sheets to Display at Full Resolution… in this example only the One  XML is required to trigger all sheets to be displayed at Full Resolution.

An example in LIST VIEW… i created the sheets and named  the main folder …


A TV SHOW.s01.e01.avi
A TV SHOW.s01.e01.jpg
A TV SHOW.s01.e02.avi
A TV SHOW.s01.e02.jpg
A TV SHOW.s01.e03.avi
A TV SHOW.s01.e03.jpg
A TV SHOW.s01.e04.avi
A TV SHOW.s01.e04.jpg
A TV SHOW.s01.e05.avi
A TV SHOW.s01.e05.jpg
A TV SHOW.s01.e06.avi
A TV SHOW.s01.e06.jpg
A TV SHOW.s01.e07.avi
A TV SHOW.s01.e07.jpg
A TV SHOW.s01.e08.avi
A TV SHOW.s01.e08.jpg
A TV SHOW.s01.e09.avi
A TV SHOW.s01.e09.jpg
A TV SHOW SEASON 1.xml -------------->     CONTENTS OF THIS XML ARE:         ?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?>


if you ADD another episode (the jpg sheet and avi… it will display at full resolution)

Tested this today a few times… and everytime i added a new ‘Screenshot’ or ‘Sheet’ to a video/movie… the LIve Hub displayed “Compiling Media for a few seconds” and then i had a full resolution Pic for my video.

After been ‘side-tracked’ with other things… this is a little progress ive done…

All the Sheets/Pics are in PNG format (so the wallpaper can be changed)

Reduced the List View to ‘11’ for Speed and Stability… see video link below.


Had my 1st ‘Tinker’ with the Home Screen…  will keep playing around with the look.

pardon my french but OMFG, awesome.  Cant wait

Hi Joey!

Your work on the hub theme is looking truly excellent. The overall theme appearance is quality.

Can’t wait to try it out!! 

And I love the photo images on the main menu display. You have very good taste if i may say