Not bad for my first attempt at tweaking a Hub theme :)

I’m setting up the Hub I got for my sister’s xmas present…I really didn’t like the rotating wallpapers for movies in Media Library mode…they take too long to finally pop up and then with most of the wallpapers you can’t read the text. I saw Tony’s code edit to get rid of the rotating backgrounds leaving the default wallpaper to show…only problem is the overlay is pretty dark so depending on your wallpaper…the screen can look dark.

Here’s the Mochi theme with the XML edited so no movie wallpapers rotate…solves the problem but pretty dark.

After picking a better wallpaper and messing around with some files from the Legacy template in photoshop I got it a lot nicer looking…well in my opinion anyway…what do you guys think? I think my sis will like it :slight_smile:

Pretty sweet that WD is letting people create themes. Can’t wait to see what people come up with down the road.

I’ve been knuckling around with mine, too.

Looks like most people are focusing on the Gallery page!  (Because it needs improvement!)

I changed the formatting of the page to get much more text for the overview; most of mine were being truncated.  Even at 7 lines (233% more text than before) some descriptions are just too long to fit, though… :slight_smile:

I also set the ACTOR list to SCROLL, because many times it doesn’t fit on the screen.

If ya’ll want, here’s the applicable lines of XML that change…  Not too many…

<text x="254" y="172" w="970" h="42" text="@@browse_text" fontsize="40" textcolor="0xffffff" align="left" speed="1" delay="2" />
  <text x="254" y="222" w="180" h="20" text="@@year" fontsize="18" textcolor="0xffffff" align="left" />
  <text x="446" y="222" w="200" h="20" text="@@totaltime" fontsize="18" textcolor="0xffffff" align="left" />
  <text x="665" y="222" w="190" h="20" text="@@genre" fontsize="18" textcolor="0xffffff" align="left" />
  <text x="885" y="222" w="365" h="20" text="@@director" fontsize="18" textcolor="0xffffff" align="left" />
  <text x="254" y="252" w="970" h="20" text="@@actor" fontsize="18" textcolor="0xffffff" align="left" speed="1" delay="2" />

  <text x="254" y="288" w="970" h="144" text="@@overview" fontsize="18" numlines="7" textcolor="0xffffff" align="left" />

The result looks like this:


Even though the text looks small, it’s the same size as before…  It’s perfectly readable on this 55" TV … :slight_smile:

…  there’s one thing I’ve learned though, with themes…   there ARE dependencies on the VERSION of Firmware the Hub is running.  

    And a final thought:   Everyone is modifying LEGACY because it’s the only theme that’s downloadable.   Or Is It?    No.

You can get your own copy of the MOCHI theme to edit via the GPL Source Code.

It’s a BIG FAT file, but inside is a directory called 


(at the root of the package) that contains the Mochi Theme.   Pull all of the files and folders out of /osd and put it into a directory on the hub called


and it’ll be there for you to modify as you like.

Hey vice86, is there any way you could post what you’ve done so far for a download. I love the new look you’ve created. Thanks!

That’s pretty cool Tony…I will definitely check that out too. Do you know if you can change the movie title font to a BOLD font? I think that would look a lot better. How did you figure out where that was? A lot of XML files to look through!!

Weird…the dark banding I did behind the poster/movie info shows up for a brief second and then disappears when all the movie files show up now that its connected to my sister’s TV…only difference is she doesn’t have a cat5 connection available at her TV like I did…can’t understand what  being hooked into the network/online would have to do with showing the banding I did.

dhadley…thanks, brah…I’m not home at the moment. I’ll zip the whole package up later on and host it on my mediafire account. Easier to just give you the whole thing instead of trying to figure out where to drop the individual files. If you have photoshop or an image editing program you can take it even further.

I’ll probably mess around with it a little more at some point.

I don’t know HOW to change the “Style” of fonts.   But I agree, if that’s possible, it’d be good to know how!

It took me quite a while to figure out which XML file was which.   Basically I just started searching through them.  Luckily, the NAMES of the files give a pretty good hint what they do…  *gallery* is the Gallery, after all.  :)

No, network access shouldn’t affect how the UI is displayed.   That’s puzzling…

Thanks vice86. Just post whenever you get the chance, I appreciate it.

Yeah, just tested it out again…not Cat5 connected…the banding wont show. I plugged the Cat5 in and it shows up…weird.

 dhadley…here’s the Legacy folder zipped up. Just replace the one that you have in the theme folder. I think it was like one XML and maybe 10 files that I edited.

I forgot to add the wallpaper so here’s the link for that…instead of having to replace the wallpaper you can always just rename it to the “RV-BG” file name that the default one is and replace it.

Let me know if it works out on your machine…should be no problem.

Can you somehow take photos of this phenomenon and post them?   

Is this a specific element of your GRAPHIC, or some other kind of artifact?   

Looks great!

Where can I find the wallpaper that needs to be to replaced?

DG…i posted two links…one of the LEGACY folder and then another link for the wallpaper

Tony…my sister had the Hub now so I can’t take any pictures but just imagine the image I posted MINUS the whole gray band going across the poster and text and just seeing the wallpaper behind it…that’s all. Just  like yours looks.

What theme file has that band image in it?

i modded a legacy file to get it to show like that. The oringal file was a transparant PNG that had a tint of black to it.

Well, the only applicable image file I see that was modified was video_browse_gallery_overlay.png

Thing is, none of my graphics editors will load it…  GIMP, PaintShop, MS Paint, etc all say the file is corrupt.

However, the WD *IS* displaying SOMETHING, so I’m not sure what the issue is with the file.   I don’t have PhotoShop, so I can’t open it in there, but I would double check that the PNG format is compliant and not using specific extensions.  Again, the HUB doesn’t seem to have any problems displaying it, but all my editors can’t open it…

I don’t know when the Hub displays it in your theme; in my theme, the overlay file is used ALWAYS.

In yours, it only seems to display on files that have MetaData.   In other words, if a FOLDER is focused, the overlay doesn’t show, nor does it show if the movie has NO METADATA. 

I notice you commented out the PREVIEW_RECT_IMAGE.   That may be a dependency.   It may be that the BACKGROUND is REMOVED under the presumption that the Scrolling Slideshow is going to be taking its place on Meta-data based movies.    Try putting it back and see if that corrects the issue.    If you don’t LIKE the scrolling images, then you can remove them from the Metadata, I believe.

Well vice wasnt trying to create a whole theme here anyways. I just asked if he could share his gallery page, which he did. Thanks vice86. Works just as you have shown.

the image opens up fine in Photoshop for me and  yeah I only messed with the images that get used when you turn Media Libraray  ON I believe…from what I commented out I looked up those images that are mentioned before and after the commenting out. I ended up having to make the red,blue,green, yellow buttons smaller too cuz they were running into the band I made. I didn’t know how to just move them all up a little bit.

I’ll have to take a look at it all again…if I can figure out some more stuff I may end up replacing my Live with a Hub.

The RGBY buttons are in one of the XML files referenced by an INCLUDE. Can you open the png from the file that’s on the sharespace? I certainly cant get into it… Hmmmmm.

I just downloaded the folder from my Mediafire acct…i was able to open “video broswe gallery overlay.png” in photoshop and preview…i just edited that to make it lighter and wouldn’t hide the wallpaper as much as it was.

The main file I edited was “keyboard_mask_bg.png”…that’s where I made the band going across with the white lines and junk. I can also open that on my mac here at work using PS and Preview.

Wonder why you can’t open using any of those other apps…you’d think they’d open it no problem.

when opening


PaintShop Pro:  An Unknown Filter Type was encountered.

Windows Photo Viewer:  Just a bunch of random pixels

Apple Quicktime Viewer:   Couldn’t view (blah blah) because it is corrupted.

The KEYBOARD mask file opens OK.   But I’m not sure that’s what that file should be used for.

I would think you’d want to put it all in the video_browse_gallery_overlay.png