Ralphie Theme

I’m playing around with the whole theme thing, and thought I would share on the idea that I am currently coming up with.

Please provide any input, so I can try to improve on it.

Here is a sample of what I have got done so far.

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Nice simple colours so far and clear icons.

Like the wallpaper and the general tone. My only concern is the text being hard to read on the inactive icons. Also, the Online icon looks kinda like a bar chart. I guess it’s meant to represent wifi signal strength but I think a globe may be more appropriate, or something else…? Looking forward to you releasing it. :slight_smile:

nice and simple, i like :f


Alright, so I am currently working on my theme and this is what the movie page looks like so far.

I have a 50 inch and the thumbnail size is 138x206, so the size is nice and big on the screen.

A whopping 24 movies per page.

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You neee to design for the smaller screens as well. That would jsut be too crowded on a 32inch set up for instance. I prefer the layouts here there are less thumbnails on screen. If I want lots of listings then I choose a listview.

Looking GOOD to me Ralphie!!!

I wouldn’t worry too much about making it workable for smaller screens, as like you say you have a 50inch tv and it’s how you want it to work for your own needs!

If other people think it can work for them than all the better!

keep up the good work and i’m looking forward to using it on my 52 inch screen!! LOL.

BTW love the simple crisp folder icons!!