BoxHub Theme for WDTV Hub! ---Abandoned---


BoxHub Theme Coming Soon…

-Backdrops disabled in Gallery view

-Animated menu icons

-Uses xml data (no moviesheets to create)

Homescreen Mockup

Also view image HERE

Video Gallery Mockup

Also view image HERE

Any further suggestions, please reply to the thread.


Nice,one !

This will look clean and elegant!

Nice work…i like your boxee look…

This could be the theme of choice for people who want a simple elegant theme, that works using the built in scrapper…

the info from the xml is perfectly displayed, and no messing around with moviesheet or custom coverbox

Well done…this theme was def needed…

My only comment would be to move the arrows position as i feel one on each side would look cleaner, ie make them bigger and position in the centre one on left side and other right side…

Very nice theme indeed :slight_smile: keep up the good work and keep us posted on the updates.

Look’s good!!!

Thanks extremedigital, I’ve relocated the arrows as you suggested. If only there was a way to get rid of the blackbox on the homescreen as well. With gen1, WD allowed me to edit the hori and vert menus and relocate everything any way I wanted to. But the hub has a major limitation when editing the homescreen. But more screens will be up soon.

Picture of the current homescreen. Icons are animated. If anybody has any suggestions, I’m looking for something to put in the middle or left side of the screen. Logo or something. Also, tweaked more of the gallery view and almost completed music screens as well. 

PHOTO DELETED: See first post

I agree 100% with Extreemdigital. 

I beleive this will be the theme of choice for those who do not want to mess with moviesheets.   I’m really glad you went this route.

I was wondering if you are/were planning on using the ‘background’ images that are in the XML for each movie?    My suggestion would be to NOT use them.  Personally, I think they look great but I’ve noticed that is causes some serious delays on the HUB’s performance (probably because it’s downloading while trying to browse).    That’s just my opinion though, others may feel differently. 

Anyway, thanks for doing this. Looks great!  I’m going to try it out as soon as you’re done with it.

I’ve actually disabled using the metadata background images and just used a solid background image. I would rather my player have a nice look, great speed, and still give me everything I want in it. The speed is very good because of the disabled backdrops and also no extra poster icon to display in gallery view.

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Good i really hate the rotating background images, it makes scrolling too slow.

Can’t wait to try your Boxee theme.

not able to view the pic

Very nice, how did you manage to centre the name like “Setup” and “Video”?


Added image mockups of the homescreen and video gallery, see first post HERE

I’m not quite finished with the gallery view and if anyone has suggestions for music, photo, or other video views, please post image of idea.

look awesome:smiley: when do u think we might see it relased?

Looking really nice, you’ve done a great job giving the HUB a Boxee look.  

The only suggestion that I can see, is that in the Gallery View you might want to fix the time and weather so that it’s in the black box area to the right, and you might want to move the “Year” over underneath the Overview.

could you do something like this for the music player. But do it to match the look of your gui.

So I got onto my hub today after work and was going to begin working on the theme. I started to download Legacy to get some images and xml files, and it turns out that the hub had replaced all of my BoxHub theme files with Legacy files. The folder was named BoxHub, so how could the hub write over all of those files??? WOW WD, thanks.

I’m sorry to say I’m not doing this over again, so I’m abandoning the project.

Very disappointing news ! You had a very nice concept. Had you preleased some of  your xml samples you’d have lots 0f backups. Anyway, sorry for your (our)  loss.

That’s terrible news. I was really looking forward to this one. It was exactly what I had in mind with my suggestion. :cry:

Sorry to hear about all the lost work.

This is a copy of a post I posted in answer to you in the Firmware thread.  Just thought I’d repost it here in case you didn’t see it there.

Hey dhadleymail,

Yeah, I’ve noticed this too.  I build MOJO over PsychoTCHs Anodized theme, and it gives me an option to Upgrade, even though there’s no upgrade available.  And if you press Upgrade it will try to overwrite my theme with the Anodized theme.

I don’t know if this is a case of it caching something when you install a theme and you make a new theme with that theme and the meta info doesn’t get overwritten or it’s something that I missing, although as of now I can’t see what it might it would be.  I also don’t know if this is just a side effect of making a theme on your own machine, it may not be an issue when others install your theme.

Anyway, I would suggest to always backup your themes to your PC and if you need to download the Legacy theme, although I would suggest downloading the Mochi (OSD) theme (you can find a link to the latest in the Themes Forum), because the Legacy theme doesn’t contain all the icons and info that the OSD does, to your PC, then copy what you need to your theme.