BoxHub Theme for WDTV Hub! ---Abandoned---

I remember the original stand alone WD HD player had an ini file that it looked for the FW version number and you could change the number to either prompt to install the latest FW or not too (giving it a number in the future) ae they still doing this only hiding it in the theme somewhere?

Very Annoying but we’ve all been there losing data as we didn’t back it up in the first place.

It definitely made me upset that I lost my work. If WD gives us more options to edit the homescreen (ie.remove the black box), then I might start another theme, but for now I’ll just watch and see what others come up with.


Sorry about the loss of data…

I will just ask you to reconsider, i believe your BoxHub theme was really needed.

If Helll3ond would disclose more information about how he removed the black square, I wouldn’t mind trying to work on another theme. It would leave so much more possibility open if true transparency could exist throughout the theme.

I’m gonna start working on an aeon theme tonight and will post screens hopefully this evening for a homescreen and possibly gallery view. I’m not sure how Helll3ond removed the black sqaure, but I’ve got an idea to workaround it to appear transparent.

hmm … I am inspired to build my theme AEON theme for how to remove the black square I’ll make one. TXT has arrived from HUBCORN .2.0,

look at the screen of my theme HUBCORN 2

screen 011_main_menu_new.jpg