"Anodized_Theme_3.31.19_beta" released

First of all, a happy and healthy new year to all to you!

Yes, long time no see but as I saw how much this theme community has been grown up here, I was motivated to have my fingers back on the live hub. Especially as I saw those beautiful made themes here, full of little details a lot of people wouldn’t even recognize and how much work is behind. Just my two cents.

As I said I have worked a bit on Anodized theme to have it at least compatible with newest 3.01.19. So the “Game” and the “RSS” tag are now on the main menu. In additional the large video sheet view has now 10 big covers which I personally love. It reminds my on old wdtv live which rests in peace :cry:



The 3.31.19 isn’t finished yet but as a little goody present for those who would like to have it :stuck_out_tongue:


Screenshots ?   

Firmware  3.01.19 has the option for taking ‘Screenshots’   

P.S. Sorry to hear about your WDTV Gen1…  Mine is Still ‘Alive and Kicking’ as well as my old WDTV Live… Running ‘Hub Firmware’ :smiley:

JoeySmyth wrote:

Screenshots ?   


Firmware  3.01.19 has the option for taking ‘Screenshots’   


P.S. Sorry to hear about your WDTV Gen1…  Mine is Still ‘Alive and Kicking’ as well as my old WDTV Live… Running ‘Hub Firmware’ :smiley:


Huh? running HUB firmware?

Got a link to some info on this and how to do it? I have a Live Plus, wonder if that would work…

@ flhthemi

Check your PM (Personal Messages) for more Info.


hey taken screenshots by remote control, thats a cool thing. I didn’t know that before. thx

Wow, thanks for you efforts. Look forward to this.

Hi This looks great!

I have never added a new theme to my hub so I assume this will be a simple task?? will that link you have put on enable me to run your theme??


@ mattpeds

How to install the theme manually:

  1. Connect your WDTV LiveHub with your through network to your computer and browse to the livehubs harddrive root.
  2. Here you should see a “.wd_tv” folder.
  3. Unrar the downloaded theme file and copy the whole “Anodized…” folder into “.wd_tv\theme…”
  4. At the LiveHub go to Settings/Apearance/User Themes Interfaces.
  5. Make sure the theme location is set to Local. (red remote button)
  6. Select the Anodized theme and your are ready.

good luck cheers

Q: Why do I not see the “.wd_tv” folder at my root?
A: This folder has hidden attributes. To make it unhidden you may read this short how to:

Good to see you back PsychoTHC, the Anodized Theme has been a long time favorite of mine since you brought it out a year ago.


thanks again for your help followed instructions and works perfectly and looks fab thatnks!! One quick question…

The image you have on here show the films in categorys do I assume if I set my films into categories that they will also show in your theme?


Does this theme have customized movie sheet views?


nice to hear it works for you.you may also have a look here for other themes: List of themes.

To set your films into categories to have to copy your films into a folder that contains a coverfile  “folder.png” or “folder.jpg”

You can find such folder images here as example or search forum for “folder thumbnails”.


beside the new “large video view”, which holds 10 big covers, no

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     After some imcompatiblity with firmware 3.01.19 and my old Theme, I decide to recreate a partial skin to include movie sheet. For the moment, everything look fine… but i need to put some skin around the bone (hehe skin joke). And I’ve two question for you

  1. in the xml (in theme folder) does poosible to look inside a .tgmd file?

  2. in the xml (in theme folder) does possible to replace a text information into xml (movie folder) for a image (like rating or language… like mapping table text to image?)



Hi there

Just checking out your theme. looks pretty good,

Can I ask if it possible to try other sheets? from other providers ie (Extreme_Finalmix_sheet)

I am a Noob at this and trying to experiment (so far without much luck LOL)

It seems I will have to rollback firmware, to a favorite theme (once I find one) but I would like to try different sheets if at all possible. If I cant on your theme can it be done on any others?

Hope you can help

once again thanks!!

 really making the hub look good!! :slight_smile:

You have more screenshots of more views or are you still working on them?


Ive always love this theme, Im running the lastest firmware and I found some minor cosmetic issues so far, you might or not known about it…

On the large video browse page, there is a overlap on the weather / time with the small icons/ description. 

Also, not sure, on my genre folders, Im using genre icons, name folder.jpg, embeded within each prospective folder, and not sure why, its not showing, it only shows a what ever movie icon it might have.  Ive flush out, (Meaning deleted the thumbs folder an reset the hub, no dice, stills show a movie icon



A TEAM.metathumb

A TEAM.xml



GREEN HORNET.metathumb


It only shows a team…???  any thoughts…

Also, an idea, Tinwarble on the dark theme, on the playing the video, on the video info bar, which has the time line, he has the codec and video info on that bar…  is there any way you could incorporate this feature???  it would be great…

Appreciate your thoughts on the above…


Just a small note for people who use this theme on the Gen 3 WiFi player… It works quite well, except that the icons on the main page play the intended theme animation and then switch back to the original icon in some cases. I found that this is simply due to the fact that some animations use more animation frames than the theme contains, so it replaces the “missing” ones with the original ones. To fix this, take the last file of each animation, make some copies, and rename them.The last file of each has to be:





This way, you will prevent the original theme icon from showing anymore.

What templates should I use to create moviesheets with this theme?


Any idea on the next release of the theme…