My New Gallery View

Ok here it is, i made just a little bit of changes moving the text around

To install just unzip and move the files to root of you theme folder and overwrite



Wow Nice Work


One tiny thing personally i would align the Total Time, Year, Genre & Director a little more to the left to start the same as the overview

yes!!! please upload!!

great work

thats what I’m looking for a gallery view, please upload, nice work

Is there a way to stop from pulling the background image in, ie just keep it set to main screen wallpaper? 


i think this is what you wanted with no background, just whatever your main background is

awesome thanks greatly.

The only thing I noticed is that there is always a “place holder”  even when there is no content.

yeah its an image for the cover, i have not found a way to just only show up when there is a file there, i tried doing it as BG but it will not work on gallery view like it does on browse page view, if anyone knows how please let me know. thank u