Hubcorn 2 (beta) download link

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c’est parti !!!

first bug : SERVICES button and not SERVISES :smiley:

lol ok thank :slight_smile:

fault in services,it’s not servises it’s services

@spazio you should read before posting

oups sorry,it’s true


hi **bleep**, love the theme. I really like the gallery view with the nice big movie posters, i was just wondering if you would consider increasing the number of posters to 10 instead of 8 but still keeping the same size poster if possible.

Few bugs too which you probably know about in the setup menus with scrolling text overlapping

Thanks for all the work

since when is Helll considered **Bleep** worthy?

Any chance you could post just the main_services_icon_n.png with the revised spelling?

The gallery view is messed up as well as the posters are actually too large for the overly except for the focused thumb. I’ve fixed this really quick, but just figured I’d point it out.

just tested this today,

agreed, the gallery view is messed up.

and btw nice job with the grid layout in rv_vide_browse.xml

Ok, I really, really don’t like to say anything negative about someone’s work & over all the theme is a nice layout and I really like the Main Menu.  But your xml’s need some work.

First, you need to change the “widgethost” line in the “rv_gallery_browse_page.xml”  to something like this:


The way that you have it is to animate the next page were the you have your text and it is cause problems were your text doesn’t display correctly.

 correction for SERVISES TO SERVICES


just put this .png in IMAGE folder


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thank for solution Tinwarble