Alaska Resurface [WDTV LIVE HUB & SMP]


This is a Non-Moviesheet Theme (ie. It’s just using Poster Thumbnails)

3rd Party Software (eg. “Thumbgen” is NOT Required) it’s optional if you wish to use it.

(Inspired by Xbmc Alaska by Hitcher)

<=========== CLICK THE "Kudos"STAR, If You Want To Say “THANKS” :smiley:



(LATEST UPDATE 6th Feb 2015 … Fixed the “Play” button on remote control not responding)

Contents of the Package (The 1st group of Screenshots on this Page) (The 2nd group of Screenshots on this Page) (15 Thumbnails Vertical Poster) (15 Thumbnails Landscape Cropped Poster)


Dark 15 Thumbs Version Update: 11th Feb 2015

(fixed Play button not working and added Music Playback screen for new WDTV and 2.02.32 SMP)

Single ZIP file contains:


5th March 2014: Requests for the “Watched” icon added to views


These are the Home Icons Template i designed … they are not PSD(Photoshop) nor XCF(Gimp) but where desigined using TViXie Designer then Used Thumbgens “Quicksheet” option to generate PNG’s which were then canvas resized and scaled using Gimp.

Sorry, i’m not a Photoshop or Gimp “Whiz”


This was designed and Tested on Firmware 3.05.10 by myself and other ‘testers’

It will work with Firmware 2.07.17 (Except Preview Browse Info … Which will out of alignment)

This Theme was tested working with Media Library On and Off.


* The Theme is a Non-Moviesheet Theme … it only uses “Poster” Thumbnails either generated via the Hub’s Internal Meta Scraper or a 3rd Party
Scraper… eg.Thumbgen
So, if you “Are” satisfied with the Jpeg Picture Quality of the Hub’s Scraped Posters … then you dont need to use a 3rd Party Application.
If you are “Not” satisfied with the Jpeg Picture Quality then of course, you can use a 3rd Party Application to generate Poster Thumbnails.

It is Recommended to use and not to exceed a Resolution of 300(w) x 450(h) Dimensions.  
Whilst the Theme will do the best to Scale / Align / Fixratio of the Poster Thumbnails it is Recommended to use Posters with and Aspect Ratio of 2:3 or a Scaled Down Resolution of 1000x1500 which is a Popular Standard Format of the TMDB.
Dont use 1000x1500 !  
use a “Scaled” Resolution … eg. 300x450, 200x300, 178x267, 120x180 are examples of scaled and maintained
Aspect Ratio based on 1000x1500.
* The “Appearance” of a Landscape “Fanart” image (eg. Gallery View on the Left Side of Screen) is a Vertically Pannned and Top Aligned Image of the Poster
Thumbnail Image.
For Movie/Tv Posters with the Graphic Art Focused at the “Top” and the Title/Text is Vertically Bottom Aligned… this “Simulated” Fanart effect is suitable.
For Movie/Tv Posters with the Graphic Art Focused at the “Bottom” and the Title/Text is Vertically Top Aligned… then does not look so good.
2 Workarounds… Find an Alternate Poster that is Suitable or Custom Design one.
* The Theme will work with the Media Library ON or OFF …BUT disabling the Media Library will Disable Features / Views and Picture Quality.

* The Option for “View Backdrop Photos” is only Available if you have gathered the Movie Info via the Hub’s Internal Scraper and you have the Media Library ON.

Also, the  “View Backdrop Photos” Option … i modified it soley for use in “Gallery View” . The Internal Firmware does Not display a Movie Plot / Overview
whilst in this mode.
I modified it to be an “Overlay” on top the Gallery View.
Using the  “View Backdrop Photos” Option in any other View is not Recommended.

How to install a Theme {Guide}

To install the theme, download the zip file to your PC, open your web browser (I don’t recommend using IE8 or IE9, there have been issues), then type your WDTV’s IP address to open the Web UI. 

(Find your WDTV’s IP from Setup > About )

 Type in your password (the default is “admin”), click on the box next to “I accept” and then click on LOGIN, then click on “Appearance”, then click on “Browse” and navigate to where you saved the “” file, then click on “Open”.

Click on “Submit”, then once the Web UI finishes uploading the theme (which will take approx 30 secs), on you WDTV press “Setup” on your remote, select “Appearance”, then select “User Interface Themes”, select “AlaskaDARK_V1.2” then when prompted select “Apply theme”.

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Looks very nice.



Very nice and refreshing. Which two views are those screens representing right now?

is the music icon going to be seen from the movie page?

Which FW you testing this on currently? or is this just Gimped right now?


It’s “Gallery View” and “Large Video View”

Not Mockups… Screenshots are from Dvd Recorder Capture (Which is why the Quality is not the Best) have my Hub simultaneously connected via HDMI to TV and Composite to Dvd Recorder.

Included Reference to “Generic Now Playing” Xml in the “Large Video View” so when Music is Playing the Cover Art and Scrolling Album Info is displayed.

Running on Firmware 2.07.17


Wow. Just… wow. I want this so bad even in this form (does everything I need). Any ETA when some beta will be available? Clean and sexy!


wow, that is amazing love it.


Will this be available for the new WD TV Live media player?? :smiley:


I love the Wall mode gallery look and the white backgrounds. This alaska theme you are basing this off, does the original have the exact same layout? It would be nice [in my opinion] to have the covers be 5x3 [instead of 6x3] Give more realty for the image and info on the left to be bigger [for the blind old farts like me :)]



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Simple List View Added as Well as a “Dark” Version… Page(1) for “Screenshots”     (Not Mockups)

Release Date: TBA


The shots look stunning JS! :slight_smile:


This is absolutly genius.

What I am loving is that you use the same TG templates so users can switch themes without having to generate new movie sheets.

Thanks for sharing!!


When you will release this theme for testing?

it looks very beautiful and i would to test in my hub, its very nice, great work!



Release Date: TBA  (To Be Announced)

I dont know when im gonna release it or how long it’s gonna take… i only started it 2 days ago. 

Best answer i can give… ‘when it’s finished’

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Added “Music Grid Thumbnail Browse” and “Video Metadata View Info Screen”…   Page(1) Screenshots

And… as Community Member Nielvh observed this Theme is Using Aeonish Hub Moviesheets.

The Design of the Aeonish Moviesheets and the ‘Method’ allows for ‘Sheets’ to be displayed for more views than just ‘Gallery View’

The design also allows for them to be used in this WIP Alaska Theme and The WIP Reflex Theme seamlessly.

ie. You can change the ‘Theme’ at any time … and the Moviesheets will display properly… no having to change or re-generate the Moviesheets.

P.S. WIP stands for “Work In Progress”

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wow, this looks fantastic, amazing work yet again from you  :slight_smile:



Another First Class piece of work Joey! That’s now 2 No. WIP’s…unbelievable!!


WOW!! I will be all over this once you release it. You are so good at what you do.

If you ever need a teaster, count me in :wink:



Just wondering how this is coming along? Are you close to a release?

Please don’t think i am rushin you. Your work in the theming community is appreciated very much Joey. Just askin :wink:

I love your Æonish and thats all i use right now.

But i will added this for sure and maybe make it my default if i like it more then Æonish. Then i’de have both :smiley:

Cheers bro!


looking good :D