So Many Questions... Why am I showing offline when I am online?


I have to admit that since purchasing this drive I have been extremely unsatisfied with it. My predominate issue is that this device has a seeming one million portals and ways to do different things with it and none of them seem to work well!

Right now, I am seriously confused to as why I can see and enter my local dashboard (obviously my device is online as I do not have it hardwired to my computer) - and yet I have no way to access the files (of course in another location located under my cloud files) because my device is “offline” there. This makes no sense whatsoever to me.

I have historically used the device by hardwiring it to my mac because the device is SO SUPER SLOW when transferring large picture data over WIFI. And that works (still slower than I wish)… but now I want to use it in addition with a PC, which unfortunately has no WLAN support. Therefore I must fix this online but showing offline issue.

Also, I have no inkling how to register devices with the mycloud. It all looks very pretty and well kept in the portal with only my mac showing up as a device with access. However as soon as I enter my app on my phone I have full access there. Can I understand this as a security breach? Again, there are too many different softwares not communicating with one another. Likewise, I would like to set up a solid communication between my drive and the pc, but the number that I can generate cannot be placed anywhere from my computer - especially not while my device is showing offline… From using other software like Bitdefender, I know this should be extremely easy to edit! But with WD everything has to be super difficult… this is not the first time I have spent hours troubleshooting my device.

Having many different issues and looking for support, I continued to try to sign up for “My Cloud” - again, just WHY is there so many different portals here… why can’t we just have ONE portal with a dashboard, the file access and support and forum options - as well as control over mobile devices and their apps?! First I tried to resend a password, being sure that I had registered previously - and NOTHING. No “Sorry, you’re not registered.” and no mail to be found in my inbox… also not in spam or anywhere else. So great… I go to make a new registration and I get asked for this number next to a padlock symbol that is supposedly on the the bottom of my device. Now my device is a couple years old by now, but NO there is absolutely no such number there and the sticker does not resemble the example shown. Now does WD address this problem? Of course not - I simply cannot register. So I have no idea if that portal could help me or not. Therefore I must turn to this forum, yet another portal…

As a graphic designer with a lot of experience in UX design, I can tell you guys that no one feels great about using their devices like this (like, do I even get a warning with someone unauthorised accesses my device? - Google does this all the time. “Hey, just to let you know there was a new device… Not you? Then let us know!”) and that many of us have questions as to who can see and access our information on an internet-connected device. I suggest looking into these issues at full-force and address your customers accordingly.

Until then, I would greatly appreciate help with these basics - as with all of the random portals involved, I am not sure where to start.

Are you sure you own a My Cloud Home? A My Cloud Home does not have a dashboard!

For a My Cloud Home see this.

It isn’t a Home, just a MyCloud - I accidentally picked the wrong topic.
Also, the drive did eventually show up - wallah - online, so obviously there is something super wrong with it.