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Even tried moving device to my neighbours and plugging in there. Can’t see device through MyCloud or PC or mobile. Can anyone confirm if my data is still there and is it accessible any other way? Thanks

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Check this,

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No impact to data. I was able to watch videos, but again, in network only. Doubt you lost any data. This is a network access issue apparently. I’ve seen this one before. Remote Access due to the WD issue, is not yet available. Wish WD would post an announcement. Very odd nothing is posted yet. The problem is now several hours old.

Hi Guys,

I have the same issue. Device has been offline since my client got to the office this morning. If I had known I would have configured files to be viewed offline as well as remotely, they would have still have access to their files.
I went through all possible steps to sort issues with device been offline but to no avail, then I contact support via chart which was when I find out the issue was from WD. I was not happy at all as we were not notified about this issue.
I am hoping and praying the issue gets resolved before the start of business tomorrow, if not sorted it will be too bad. I recommended WD to my client and just had this put in three weeks ago.
She promised their IT team were working on the issue but could not confirm ETA on what issue will be resolved. I have just checked now and still not resolved, pls those anyone have a clue on when this issue will be resolved.

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Thanks for the link - I just checked and found that WD has servers down it seems (again). My MCHome just went off this afternoon - no heads up from WD sadly beforehand. Chris K.