Plex Update needed

Western Digital keep falling behind with their support of Plex Media Server for their My Cloud Home & Duo devices.
As of writing the latest build they offer is 1.18.6.x which was pushed in Feb, 2020. The public build of Plex Media Server is versions ahead at 1.23.1.x.
This causes issues as we need an update for some of the newer clients (android, smart TVs, Amazon Fire sticks) to even work with the server.
Is Western Digital planning to keep supporting this because in the state it’s at currently, it is quite limiting to us who purchased the product.


How do I update Plex Media Server versions?

Unlike a regular Plex Media Server you might run on a computer or NAS device, you can’t arbitrarily update the server version. Instead, new Plex Media Server updates will be delivered by Western Digital in the control panel of the My Cloud Home.

This is exactly the issue. We are forced to rely on WD to manage the update for us but in doing so we are at their mercy. As of writing, an update is required to maintain full functionality with Plex.


Right now Plex is worthless without the update (at least in my case. I managed to make a workaround with my laptop playing as the plex server instead of my cloud home, but I really hope we get an update soon.

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I have the same problem since two weeks ago. It seems as I can read on some forums, that the problem is, as you say, that the Plex version on WD is too old and is not working anymore, on Fire TV stick in my case…
I bought “My Cloud Home” specially to use it with Plex, so if they don’t fix this I will return it…

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Same issue, My Cloud Home running Plex MS version Only just bought this so pretty shocked it is so out of date with no updates in recent times. It is useless to me as it is, so I’ll be returning the WD in a few days if a fix from either party is not forthcoming. Life is too short.

This is getting pretty drawn out. Is anyone from Western Digital even looking at the posts on their own forum?

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I’m also having the issue in my tv. I can see the library correctly and can see all the video list in there. when i add new file and update, its also shows the newly added video in the app but when I go to play a video, it gives the error, “An error occurred while attempting to play this video. Please check your connection and try again.”

Same issue here :triumph:
It’s worked perfect as Plex server for a long time, now it’s showing issues as Plex saying WD My cloud home unavailable, after several attempts on restart solve the issue for some time and is going offline again. :cold_sweat:
Even if it works after several attempt the remote play back will not, done all attempts like re enabling unpn/NAT in router and even port forwarding does not do any good. it’s showing green for a second and after a while got red in remote playback

Please provide update for Plex media server

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Plex doesn’t work with any Android client. Any solution in progress?

Hola, soy Moises recién incorporado en el foro, he escrito a western porque tengo el mismo problema que vosotros y solo saben darme soluciones básicas absurdas. Estoy a la espera también que arreglen el plex server ya que el remoto no le funciona con nada.

Unfortunately WD are not at all helpful on this issue - “Please be informed that the Plex version included with My Cloud Home is the version that is tested to work with the device. We have notified the proper groups of your concern regarding the version of Plex available on My Cloud Home.
Any resolution or fix would be delivered in the form of a future device, mobile app, software, or firmware update. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a schedule as to when a release will occur or if a resolution or fix, will or will not be included in a specific release version.”
I’m not sure who ‘the proper groups’ are or if they can help at all…

I have the same issue as everyone else.

I do have a solution for Android which is to use an external player. That should work.

As everyone else, I am very disappointing with Western Digital and how they take care of their products.




I agree, I find it hard to believe that Western Digital cannot provide any sort of detailed answer or estimate to when these issues will be fixed. The suitably vague answers they have provided thus far suggest nothing is being done or that this is a very low priority to them, it’s not to your customers.
Many people have have bought expensive WD My Cloud products to specifically use as Plex Media Servers. These are now as good as obsolete if the issue around android plex apps is not resolved. Western Digital seem to have no respect for their customers. How about a detailed and specfic answer Western Digital???


Same exact issue here. So glad I have found this thread, good to know I’m not alone or going crazy. I will give up fiddling with settings and updates. I have put through a website query here: Contact Us | Western Digital and I suggest everyone does the same. This needs to be fixed.


Just a thought - are WD still selling the My Cloud Home as a workable Plex server ? If so, they may be breaking some sort of trade description issue ?

retailers are still selling it (in Australia, at least), not sure about WD directly. I can’t understand how WD can take no responsibility for the software updates, since there is no other way to update it.

I have also sent a query and agree that it would be good if we could all bombard WD with questions about this

They are still selling it on the Western Digital UK website and the advert states it has a working Plex server !!


Can you post a link to your query or a link to where we can post one ourselves so that we can follow your example please ?