Unable to "enable" plex

Using MyCloud for a long time.
Yesterday - stop working. when pressing the “enable” in plex , it gives the error -
get “http:\localhost:32400/myplex/pinRedirect” dial tcp connect connection refused

Please help…

Hi @amitsh75 ,

Please refer to the article: My Cloud Home: Manage and Configure Plex Media Server: : My Cloud Home: Enable and Configure Plex Media Server

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Hi, same problem, have you found any solution?

buy a small desktop with 8 TB. This will do the job….

Same problem 16 days ago, I contacted WD support opened an incident, but they asked to un-install plex and re-install it?
How can I do it on My cloud Home? the dashboard is rubbish!

Just buy some other product.
it’s a bad product

Type in “home plex install” in support and one of the link will take you to the answer. It can’t be that hard, rubbish or not. Plex never worked well on ARM processors and is full of bugs in non-Intel hardware where it is less tested.

Enable and Configure Plex Service


  • The 1st time installation of Plex must be enabled and configured on the local network.
  • The device owner that enabled and configure Plex will become the default Plex administrator.
  • A Free Plex Account is mandatory when used with My Cloud Home.
  • Guest of My Cloud Home do not have access to configure the server side of Plex.
  • If there is a Connection Timed Out Message check that the My Cloud Home and the computer being used are on the same network and router.

Sign into My Cloud Home device using one of the options below.

Web Browser Sign In Option

  1. Open a supported web browser.

  2. Sign into My Cloud Home.

  3. Click Sign In using your Western Digital Account.

Two-Factor Account (2FA) verification is required when accessing from a new device for the first time or when required. If not prompted for the (2FA) verification code, Continue to Step 7.* Check the inbox of the email account used to access the device for the Two-Factor Account (2FA) verification code from Western Digital. The account verification code email will come from from noreply@accounts.westerndigital.com. If the verification code email is not found in your Inbox, please check the Junk and Spam folders.

  1. Copy the Two-Factor Account (2FA) verification code.

  2. Enter the Two-Factor Account (2FA) verification code provided in the email message into the box named: Enter the code.
    Click Continue.

  3. Enter Email address and Password for WD Account.

  4. Click Sign In.

  5. Click Do More.

  6. Click on Plex Media Server.

  7. Click Enable.

  8. Click Configure.

Click Disable to uninstall Plex Media Server

Go to subject 7

Disable and Delete Plex Folders


  • Disabling Plex must be accomplished on the local network.
  • The Plex Admin can disable Plex for all users.
  • Invited (non Admin Plex users) can disable instance of Plex, but not the Plex Media Server owned by the Plex Admin.

Disable Plex

Follow the instructions below to Disable Plex as the Plex Admin. Login to My Cloud Home device using one of the options below.

Web Browser Option

  1. Open a supported web browser.
  2. Sign into My Cloud Home.
  3. Click Sign Into My Cloud Home.
  4. Enter the My Cloud Home Username (email address) and Password.
  5. Click Sign In.
  6. Click the 3-line Menu icon located on the upper left of the screen.
  7. Click Do More.

Mobile App Option

  1. Open the My Cloud Home mobile app on iOS or Android phone
  2. Tap Sign In
  3. Enter My Cloud Home Username (email address) and Password
  4. Tap Sign In
  5. Tap the 3-line Menu icon located on the upper left of the screen.
  6. Tap Do More
  7. Tap Plex
  8. Tap DISABLE.
  9. Click the X.

Delete Plex Folders

  1. Mouse over the the folder that has media content.
  2. Tap the white circle

3. Tap Delete

  1. A Folder Deleted message will be seen.

Actually in the edition of cloud home there is no method to uninstall or install a 3rd parity software. Only in cloud due, not home.
I have visited, searched and all Cloud Home Support at WD articles related is ‘Not Found’

When you disable Plex Media Server from ‘Do More’ from the My Cloud Home (MCH) webapp settings, and then delete the Plex Folders as instructed, you have uninstalled Plex.

You can do this in MCH or the MCH Duo.


We must be looking at different support sites, because many links come up where I do the search

the topics are only about how to enable plex, i have been using it for 3 years now. the sudden stop of service and i’m unable to enable it again
i get the error message

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I should be the last person to give support for Plex because the name is NoPlex, telling every home user that this is not the media server they are looking for from Day 1.

But are you not able to disable Plex and delete the folder as described above, in subject 7?

Disable and Delete Plex Folders Click here for Instructions

Subject #7 above is the My Cloud Home’s equivalent of Linux commands described by support dot Plex dot TV article on uninstall:

Debian, Ubuntu

To completely remove the Plex Media Server from the computer, first make sure the Plex Media Server is not running. Then do the following:

  1. Run the command dpkg -r plexmediaserver
  2. Remove the directory /var/lib/plexmediaserver/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/


In any case, if a MCH owner is so desperate to run Plex Media Server from the original state, he can back up any data to USB and do a factory reset and wipe out all user apps and user data from the MCH and start over.

Well, it took me a few days now, but I found the solution.

since we have way to access the system on My Cloud Home, I had to make a factory rest to the device.
Of course transferring the content which reached about 3.5 TB data, took more than 1 day. I did a soft reset using the dashboard, it didn’t perform as expected and WD site stated that there may be a software issue or a physical drive issue.

but you have to do the step so you can have your synced account notified and get the ERASE mail.

So I proceeded to hard reset, using the back button, it did as expected.
The entire content was deleted, and when I logged back to my device I could start PLEX
Now I have to get all the data back…

but please have your 9 digit number received with the product ready (in the box), you may need it to connect back to your device.

Thanks you all for supporting.

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Good job. You can mark your post as the solution so that other owners would know that someone had tried it successfully.

And then you can go on the Plex WD forum and tell them how to do it because most of the Plex support were unable to answer this properly.

Still no solution, “hard reset”, come on, this is supposed to be the storage device, now turns out we need a backup for the backup… dissapointing

Western Digital Support cannot help with third-party software or hardware. … This is written on the support page to Plex Media Server for the My Cloud Home.

You may have a poor understanding of 3rd party software. Western Digital Technologies did not write or has it the source to Plex Media Server. The extent of their support is to make the software available on the My Cloud Home.

My Cloud Home is only a single stage of data storage and never represented as the entire solution to data safety and backup, no sinlge data storage could do that.

Learn How to Cofigure and Use Plex For My Cloud Home

View the Use of Third-Party Software or Websites disclaimer.
Western Digital Support cannot help with third-party software or hardware.

I may have poor understanding on third party software, but WD advertised Plex support on MCH, and that is ACTUALLY why I and many others bought such a poor solution for Network Attached Storage solution. So the point here is WD shouldnt have done such an advertising if WD was to neglect such a major feature, as it did with its own WD Discovery App, which used to work but suddenly it was too much for them so they just DROPPED it because “it was no longer on the companys policies”… please…

  • WD advertised that Plex is available and will run on the My Cloud Home, it doesn’t advertise that WD will have unlimited support for the software written by a third party.

  • Plex is the copyright holder of Plex Media Server and Plex is responsible for the support or the lack of support of the software. It is like Microsoft Word for Apple macOS. You can’t blame Apple if MS Word doesn’t run properly on macOS and Microsoft doesn’t support it.

The fact is most of the support of Plex is absent on the Plex forum, such as:

The My Cloud Home is about 7 years into its first production. Product cycles end and so do software support. That is part of the tech cycle. When you agreed to buy and use the My Cloud Home (the Term of Use agreement, or TOS when you first signed up for the MCH), it is with the stipulation that at some point the support for the product will end.

bad service, and that is why cosutmers give 0 stars, you won’t fix this useless issue for you because you don’t care about clients/users, anyway you yourself don’t even know how, all you give is excuses and us clients don’t like the bad service. That’s just it, thing is we will allways complain knowing that 7 years was just not enough because we users need those features and we will definetly change brands for better hardware-software and more responsible companies.

Good for you for complaining. But have you considered complaining to Plex about their Plex Media Server freezing or crashing on many servers, including the My Cloud Home?