PLEX disabled and not possible to enable again

On 5th of this month my PLEX media server disabled automatically and since that moment it hasn’t been possible to enable it again! When i press ENABLE it process for a long time and than i get this message:

Get “http://localhost:32400/myplex/pinRedirect”: dial tcp connect: connection refused

I have been using Mycloud home for a long time and it had never happened similar before! I did not change anything in my network topology. Is there anyone elso who experied somilar symphoms? I can’t find anything related to this problem by google…

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We recommend you kindly refer to the following KBA article (My Cloud OS 5: Manage and Configure Plex Media Server)


PLEX worked properly for years! (It is not trough because there was always problems with it) but this automatic disable happened from one day to the next without modification in anything (neither topology of network nor any parameter). So, it can be problem (modification) from the side of PLEX or WD!


My Cloud Home don’t supported My Cloud OS 5. Why we need read them?

I have same problem. Can’t do anything

I have the same problem, I don’t know how to request it if the plex server simply doesn’t start

The date reported from the OP coincide withe the date of the data breach at Plex servers

When reached, a Plex spokesperson did not say how many users are affected by the breach, only that “the majority of accounts” are affected, but Plex is asking all users to reset their own passwords. After Plex emailed users about the breach overnight, some said that their password resets weren’t working or were throwing errors when trying to sign out of other connected devices.

Subsequent answers from Plex support is as follows, basically to reinstall the Plex server with new PlexOnlineToken, but manually complete uninstall of Plex is unfortunately unavailable by user action on the My Cloud Home.

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Aug '22
Since the breech, everyone’s (Plex) account was flagged to require a new password be set.
When that happens, the PlexOnlineToken in the stored credentials on the server became invalid.
What you need do now is update the stored credentials.
DSM 7 systems have this capability built in.

  1. Uninstall package with “Uninstall Only. KEEP”
  2. Reinstall same SPK file again (Manual Install)
  3. Click “Install using Plex Claim Token” radio button
  4. Also Click “Get Plex Claim Token” link
  5. A new browser tab will open with the token
  6. COPY it to the browser
  7. Return to the installer tab
  8. PASTE the claim token into the box on the install page
  9. Click NEXT & DONE to start the install (don’t waste time, the token expires after 4 minutes)
  10. After 15-30 seconds.
  11. See Sucessful install with “Claimed by: Your_Plex_name_here”
    Now, this one time only, open the server by its LAN IP address http://lan.ip.of.syno:32400/web

This confirms and resyncs browser with the server.
Check everything is again OK/normal.

From this point forward, you can access it as you have been