Issues with PLEX and My Cloud Home

Looking at the number of less-than-positive posts on this forum I’m not sure I’ll get a solution to this but here goes.

I got a WD My Cloud Home with the intention of having an easy to access network drive to store some of my big files and media and stuff on to free up some space on my laptop, thinking it would be convenient to be able to just plug it into my router and access it over the WiFi, as I have a good WiFi network here. Wow do I wish I’d researched this further before buying it. It turns out this thing goes out of it’s way to make things difficult and restrict how you can use it. Anyway that aside…

Main issue I’m currently having is with setting up a PLEX server. I’ve enabled the service and the PLEX folders have appeared on the drive. I’m mainly using this to run my music library. However there seems to be a lot of issues with how this is working.

Firstly, PLEX is struggling to read the metadata from my files. I have all of my tracks tagged correctly and with embedded album art, that seems to be perfectly readable in other applications such as MediaMonkey. However PLEX just gives me a bunch of lovely blank coverless albums. (Yes I’ve tried messing with the metadata agents and all that).

That’s ok though I thought, I can go to the edit metadata button and the album art is actually there under ‘posters’, it just hasn’t been enabled. So I can manually set it up. Quite time consuming though as I have a big collection of music.

Ok, so I tried this on a (fortunately small) subset of my music and had it set up on PLEX with correct metadata. However it turns out that if for any reason the My Cloud Home device is restarted, all the metadata in PLEX gets reset? So there goes all my album art again, as well as any changes I’d made to the other artist backgrounds and posters and some organisational fixes. Surely this can’t be intended behaviour? Where are all my edits going?

Is there a solution for any of this? Ideally I don’t want to manually have to set up all my album art on PLEX anyway, but I’m certainly not going to do it for thousands of albums if there’s a risk all of it’s just going to be erased if there’s a power cut and the My Cloud Home restarts and removes all my hard work. So if there’s no fix for that then PLEX is out the window.

I’ve had this thing for a week and I feel like I’m banging my head off a wall now. Honestly, if I hadn’t already unsealed the packaging and used the thing for a few days I’d be returning this, unfortunately that’s not an option now so I’m stuck trying to salvage some kind of usefulness out of this thing. Hopefully someone can give me some good news or maybe some suggestions of ways to actually get some kind of benefit from this device…

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@Psychometric I will have someone from support contact you

I did a bit more testing with this, monitoring what the PLEX web app does when the My Cloud Home is restarted. The media on the server appears offline while the device is off, understandably. When the device is powered back on, PLEX then systematically deletes EVERYTHING from all of the libraries - it actually shows this in the PLEX activity log as just sequentially deleting every library item. The folders then rescan automatically and the library contents are added again as they were the first time, of course that means all the library metadata is back to whatever it was before I corrected anything.

This is obviously completely useless, I can’t be having to completely reset my whole library if the device ever happens to be restarted. I tried turning off any settings on PLEX along the lines of ‘update my library automatically’ etc, but even then the same thing happens.

Not impressed with this device at all. Retailers won’t normally take returns on things like this once they’ve been unboxed but given how bad this is I might try anyway on the grounds that this device is not fit for purpose.

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also noticed this weird bug where plex will delete all my movies and rescan again just to add them all back

so wd need sort out whats going on with the plex data folder as its obviously wiping itself or setup to wipe and rescan if you reboot the cloud home

pretty terrible product… wonder if does the same for the duo model

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I´m also having the same experience and now PLEX struggles to play any of my media at all.

Please help!!!

I have given up on using Plex on WD My Cloud Home for Serving Music as it does not import the metadata and I have since went to Amazon Music Unlimited through Alexa enabled devices through my house.

I have both WD My Cloud Home and WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra devices.

I use WD My Cloud Home as a Plex Server for Videos and find it to be excellent. I could not be happier with organization of movies and tv series and the way it performs with my LG Smart TVs.

I use the WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra as my NAS and iTunes Server and also find it to be excellent.

Would I prefer a single device that does it all? Probably, but I am very happy with these WD My Cloud products knowing what they do and don’t well.

Has anyone found a solution to this? This is happening to me to! I live in Texas and we have storms all the time that knock out the power and then great I have to go fix my movies again… Deletes all the movies I have previously fixed with correct metadata… I don’t mind fixing it once but fixing it every time we have a random storm or power surge isn’t going to cut it…

Any update regarding this issue , as I have a plex server through my WD cloud homeand every time the cloud is restarted all my saving metadata and collections are reset!

Hi. Has a solution been found for this as i am having the same issues!

Plex 1.16.3 has been released for My Cloud Home and Duo.

  • Rebooting the My Cloud Home will trigger the update which should take a few minutes to complete.
  • Delete and create a new library if you experience any artwork or metadata issues when upgrading from 1.12 to 1.16

yeah, the day has arrived, 1 year and 2 months later WD update Plex, finally, let’s see if they update it sooner. And the most incredible thing is that the My Cloud Home version is 16.3 and the latest of Windows is 16.2, interesting

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Good to see there’s been an update, will try it out later and see if it resolves any issues.

Hi everybody, so, when I Updated to last version of Plex in Server My cloud Home 1.16, I can´t see my files with Remote Access, If i´m in Local network it works fine, but not outside of my network.

I tried port forwarding in my router but it didn´t work.
The main status of my cloud home is “Direct”, but Plex still with the issue.

Anyone has the same issue?

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