My Cloud Home Update Broke Plex Access

I use a Mac and Plex was working perfectly, but since the WD My Cloud Home update I can’t access my data through Plex. I can access the WD My Cloud Home NAS both locally and remotely and access everything. When I use Plex to access the data It tells me “My Cloud Home is currently unavailable” on the Mac. On the iPhone or iPad it says My Cloud Home is “offline”.
The update seems to have broken the Plex link. I have tried as much as I can’t to no avail.


The last update had to reset all the do more extensions. The data is still there, but the app is disabled. You may want to enable it back in the Do More section.


Have tried that. Went to the “Do More” / Plex/ Enable - and now it says “Enabling”. The Enabling icon is now greyed out with a wheel turning on it. STUCK THERE!!

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SUCCESS!! After about 1/2 hour of the “Enabling” icon running it finally connected. Now it is scanning all libraries. This will take a while.


I had the same issue. Enabling took ages! Now waiting for everything to configure again

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I’m having the same issue. Feel like I’ve been stuck on enabling for hours now

Many of the posters on the movies are now showing a clip of the movie, so have to go in and change them. I have tried settings so it will just pull posters but it does not work.

Many thanks to the advice above from TheNeoSormZ. After that latest update I finally got my broken Plex server link on My Cloud Home to re-connect. I went through the suggested ‘enabling’ process and reconfigured and re-scanned my music library. All albums now appear in my music library but now most of the album cover art is missing along with a lot of the thumbnail photos for the artist folders. Any ideas anyone?

where is the “do more” section? is that in plex or WD? i can’t find it

It’s in the My Cloud Home on the main view top left. It is between the “Add Files” and “Copy USB”.


I dunno how I missed this - thanks so much

Where is the enable icon please

This worked for me too! Thanks for sharing this! > Do more > plex > enable

I was a little bit worried when I saw my Plex server offline while My Cloud Home was working fine. Thanks for the solution. Glad I didn’t had to restore all my data to a new Plex :slight_smile:

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First off, greetings. I had to find the right forum to go to since I use My Cloud Home alot for the ease of Plex. What is slowly turning me off to this and getting a new Synology is the no notice updates. If I am not mistaken would it not be advertised when you log into your account? Since this update my libraries are rebuilding but of course the art is missing on most of the titles. What happened to quality here?

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Since the WD My Cloud Home update which just occurred, Plex Media Server is no longer available under the “Do More” tab.

It is available under my main Login, however, when I sign into my My Cloud with the details of the Username that my Plex Folder is saved in, it is no longer available as an option to enable.

I had this issue too, but then also had a disk error which it “repaired”, and somehow reset the dates on all my files to the current date (July 7). Any thoughts on how to fix this?

Same here - The Plex option under “Do More” is no longer there. I hope this is an oversight. All the support articles and even the product descriptions still mention Plex Server as a feature. If they removed it, the product is just about useless to me.

I just had to spend the last 24 hours transferring all my media from my usual Username into a new Username where the Plex option was available under the “Do More”.

Now I need to go and redo my entire Plex media player linking all the media again. It is going to take extremely long to complete.

This is very frustrating as it is an unnecessary amount of time that I now need to waste doing that.