Plex Update needed

A mi me escriben los de wd que envié el registro del producto a ver que fallos tiene. Yo les estoy respondiendo que actualicen el server. Incompetentes

I just used the feedback link in the web app Western Digital - WD Support responded to this after a few days. There is also a more detailed Support Request page on the WD website but you need to create an account and fill out a heap of info.

The link was supplied by Hom77 in an earlier post… Contact Us | Western Digital

Just adding my post to show this has happened to me as well. I regret buying a western digital for this. The bright side is my shield server decided to always be online now…funny enough I bought the WD because the shield server wasnt always on and had to go in the guestroom where the shield server was and restart it…once the wd problems started, the shield server decided to always be on…now I use the wd nas as storage only for the shield and can find it on the network via finding it on the network based on its name \MYCLOUD-XXXXXX\Public. Cant see the normal storage wd created which would have been great as I could have 2 server using the same storage folders, but I can create a separate folder which wd cant see even though its on it. which is also convenient as at times the login for wd discovery doesnt work and I cant access mycloud at all…never getting wd again

Same thing with me, worked fine up until about a week ago and now nothing, can’t get a remote connection at all!
Had somebody in the know look at the logs and seems like there is an issue with the servers certificate related to the 1.5 year old version of the software!
Nothing we can do until they update the version.
Expensive paperweight for me now as it was bought as a Plex server!