No backup target found using WD Backup

2 TB My Passport Ultra worked fine on old laptop. Recently tried to install on new HP Pavilion Windows 10. Using WD Backup and after trying to discover drive, get a message of No backup targets found. Have disabled Eset and Malwarebytes but no go. I can see the hard drive and files on it. Have successfully installed WD Drive Utilities, WD Quick View and WD Security. Downloaded WD Backup from website. What am I missing?

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Hi gglasgall,

You can have a look on below mentioned article in this concern.

No Target Found or Drive Offline in WD Backup

Hi Brandon, I have performed all the steps outlined in the link you provided. When I run the latest WD Backup, I still get No Target Found. It says the installation is complete, but the application does not show up on my system tray. Under Western Digital, I only have WD Drive Utilities, WD Quick View and WD Security. No WD Backup. My model is My Passport Ultra WBBKD, which is a supported model. I must be missing something. Why doesn’t my W10 systems recognize WD Backup? Thanks, Gary

I have exactly the same problem with a new HP Envy Desktop. Has anyone found a solution to this?

I also have the same problem? I recently bought a new computer with Windows 10. I am able to access by backed up files and copy them over. But, when I try to run the WB back up software, I get a message that no target could be found. Does anyone have a solution? Does anyone from WD monitor these boards and post solutions?

I have exactly the same problem with my new HP Envy and windows 10 has any solution been found

Hello, Same problem.
New WD My passport SDD. Computer recognize the SDD (I can place data on it manually).
But WD Backup can’t find the device (it only finds Dropbox)

I have the same problem. Have not been able to find a fix. Have deleted and re-installed the WD software. The only solution I have found is to use the Windows 10 backup to backup to the WD drive.

I have the same problem with WD Backup - “No backup targets found”.
This is despite My Passport and an external SATA dive showing up in the Storage tab.

Tried using the WD Smartware version and it has the same problems. It can find all my drives in the Source pane, but the Target frame remains blank - as if it has authorisation issues for some reason. Checked my firewall etc and nothing shows up.

This software SUX!

I got the same problem on my new Acer desktop with Win10. I could successfully install & setup WD Backup on my old PC with Win7.

I got new WD Passport. The reason I bought this for auto backup feature. But when I install the software …got the same message Unable to find target. I am using Lenovo Wind 10 Pro laptop. WD must fix this issue or accept there are some issues with the software. I tried stop macafee firewall and tried to install the sotware but no luck. Any other suggesstions to fix this issue.

Was waiting for WD to resolve and provide a working solution with their software application. No response whatsoever from the manufacturer. Got tired of waiting so I decided to purchase This works perfectly.

Yep, same problem here… backed up my wife’s old laptop using WD Passport 1TB, all seemed to be working fine. Downloaded latest software onto new laptop, plugged in the drive - WD Discovery, Utilities and Security can see the drive and run tests, Backup had not installed. Every time I try to install Backup it looks as though it installs, then gets to that screen (‘Target not found’). Went back to original laptop, updated software and firmware, did another backup, checked anti-virus etc… Still doing the same on new laptop. This was a Christmas present and I was hoping to present my wife with a new fully functioning replica of her old laptop. Now 12 days later… I have gone back to Windows 10 backup and have successfully transferred everything across. No more WD for me… Are they looking at these posts?

I am having the same issue. I have been backing up my dell inspiron to a wd My Passport for about a year. I just bought a new HP laptop and tried restoring files to the new computer but I keep getting the “no backup targets found” message. Anyone finding a solution?

Like everyone, I had the same issue with getting my passport working on a new laptop and have been without a backup for several months. Here is the solution I found. I am astounded this has gone on this long with no official response.

The issue is the WD Backup can’t register the Com+ component. This was what fixed it on a Windows 10 Home 1909 install of Windows:

Be sure you are admin of your machines and open the registry… Windows key -> run -> regedit (or just Search for the registry editor).

Go to:

You have an entry there called Com+Enabled that is likely disabled (0). Change this to a (1). Simply double-click on it and change the 0 value to a 1. Click OK, close the regedit and reboot.

You will now find that you can install WD Backup and actually find the target (immediately).

This worked for me, and hopefully will work for others. Take care not to mess up your registry. I have no idea if having this enabled is a security risk, but it seems likely that it was enabled by default at some point and a security patch changed it to disabled, so perhaps you should change it back after you get WD Backup installed (but likely you will need to re-enable it if an update comes). Good luck everyone.


this works perfectly,thanks I had search whole web world but you gave the solution.thanks

Thank you. Worked great. I, too, had searched extensively.

Thank you. It works for me on my April 2020 HP Notebook - 14s-cf2000tx model. :+1: :+1:

I have the same issue. Old laptop was windows 10 and so is new one. I get the same error “No backup targets found.”

I checked registry setting also and the value is 1. :pensive:
I’ve emailed support but their response is delayed. So, here I am trying to resolve this on my own.

Thank you for your reply and I’m glad it’s working for a number of other people. But unfortunately I did this and I still get “no targets found”. Running Windows 10 Pro 1909, on a Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5.