My Passport Ultra-"No Backup Targets Found"

WD Backup does not install, although WD says it is installed. However, Drive Utilities, Security, and Quick View do install. When attempting to do a first backup, no screen appears to allow selection of WD storage device or cloud backup. No Backup icon on desktop or in WD system tray. Have had this new drive 6 months and still completely useless. was unable to make the drive work.

@Ed_Widener are you saying your computer does not see the drive? Or just the Backup program does not see it? If the computer does not see it, try changing the USB port it plugs into. If it still doesn’t see it anywhere, then I would assume it’s still under warranty and you should get it replaced.

If the computer does see it, but the Backup software does not recognise it as a proper target, it could be something with the software. Maybe remove and reinstall the software you are using, downloading the latest version from the website.

Yes, my computer (Vista) does see and displays the files from My Passport drive. I have installed WD Drive Utilities, WD Security, and WD Quick View - but WD Backup will not install. Neither My Passport or Dropbox are found as backup targets. Dropbox free version was (and still is) installed prior to purchase of My Passport drive. I have also downloaded and installed the latest version from WD web site with same results - Backup will not install.

Hi @Ed_Widener, did you install it from the software that came on the drive, or did you download it from the WD site?

I found the download here:

It looks like the latest version of WD Backup (1.2) should support Vista. At first, when you mentioned it, I thought it might be too old. But that shouldn’t be an issue. Maybe try uninstalling it, then download and reinstall the latest version?