Problems with WDbackup

I use Windows 7 with SP2, Norton Security and Google Chrome. I bought a new 1tb Passport drive today and tried to install software from the drive. Security and Utilities installed and work OK But backup will not install from the drive, tried to install direct by download from WD website, but still will not install. The Passport drive shows when I click on Computer, but when I open that drive and click on backup, it asks if I want to backup or restore files so I click on backup. It then scans my computer but comes back to say no target drive detected, yet I can see it in Computer. What’s going wrong?. There is no icon in the system tray or anywhere else for WD Backup or WD Discovery.

Hello wonkydonkey,

Please refer to the below link as you are facing issues seeing passport drive as a target in WD backup software:

Thanks for the reply but I have already done 1-6 without success-WD Utilities and WD Security install to my C: drive without any problem, but WD Backup does not. Icons are created for Utilities and Security but not for backup.I have uninstalled Utilities ad Security and tried a fresh install for all 3 lots of software, again with no success for backup. I have now given up on WD backup, which is VERY disappointing as the only reason I bought a WD drive in the first place was because it was ready to use with backup software already installed. I have now downloaded AOMEI backupper which installed straight away and works VERY WELL. If I could give seperate ratings for the Passport drive and the software, it would be 8/10 for the drive (no more that that as I have only done 1 backup on it yet) and 1/10 for the software.

I thought it was me. I also have windows 7 Pro, but SP1. All the above problems with WD Backup applied to me also. I purchased an WD Easystore 1 TB hard drive because it was supposed to be easy to use. It is now 3 hours later, multiple install/uninstall. I disabled my anti virus. WD Backup simply does not work. So disappointing after spending a bit more for WD and having used their products for many, many years. I went through all the steps, just like wonkydonkey and WD Backup would not install, even by direct loading. It never “saw” my WD hard drive.
Wonky, thank you for an alternative. I am going to try a freeware solution now that the paid, OEM installed software does not work. Wake up WD, please!