WD Backup doesn't see My Passport Ultra, but WD Drive Utilities and Quick View see it fine

For some reason, WD Backup doesn’t detect My Passport Ultra 2 TB, so I can’t select it as a backup target, but Windows (Vista) and WD Drive Utilities and WD Quick View all see it fine. Any ideas on what might be the problem?


Hello, what version of the WD backup you have installed in your computer?

Thanks for the reply!

I have WD Backup version 1.3.5814

I have exactly the same problem with the same version of WD Backup. I’ve been backing up a PC to a My Passport Ultra drive for months with no issues, but wanted to attach it to a different PC. I used WD Drive Utilities to erase the old backup files and everything else to start fresh, but now WD Backup on both the old AND new PCs says that the drive is offline. The other WD utilities still see the drive, and I can manually copy files to it using the Win10’s file explorer.


Same problem, any answers from WD?