No backup targets found

Cannot backup on my WD Passport Ultra. Get repeated error message “no backup targets found; retry”.

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What backup software are you using? and what OS are you running on your computer?

I have the same problem. Just got my WD Passport Ultra today. Connect to a USB 3 port. Windows 7 SP 1. I installed WD Backup and after it goes through the discover phase, gives “No Backup Targets Found.” The drive is listed in My Computer as Drive F. I can browse to it and see files on it (the ones it was shipped with). I can also use the WD Drive Utilities to check out and scan the drive and these pass without errors.

I have the same problem Any answer will be appreciated.

I was actually assisted by a tech of WD and was then able to back up my computer on the WD Ultra Passport . The backup software to be used is WD Smartware. If it is not on your External harddisk you can download it from WD.

I had the same problem. It seems that the standard backup utility does not work on some computer configurations (or newer drives). You have to download WD SmartWare and use that program as your backup program. WD is trying to get everyone to switch to SmartWare.

Here is the link to download SmartWare:

Smartware may take a while to load the first time, but once it does, it will ask you to make a backup, and you will be good to go.

But keep in mind, this DOES NOT FIX the “no backup targets found” problem or allow you to install the standard backup utility that comes with the drive, it is a work-around. You are simply using a different WD program to make back-up.

This is my problem, also. No solution yet? I would also like a PHONE # for WD support and not just the link from a web page to a questionnaire I need to fill out.

I’m getting same message. Anyone have a PHONE # for WD support? Please help us.


Use the link below in order to contact support: