No Backup Targets Found

I have been using a My Passport external hard drive for about a year to regularly backup my laptop computer (Dell Inspiron using Windows 10). No issues until now.

I just bought a new computer yesterday (an HP laptop also running Windows 10) and I am trying to get my files from my last backup on My Passport restored to my new HP computer. When I use the WD Backup startup process, it will not let me restore files because when it asks me to “select wd storage device or cloud service”, there are no devices listed. The window reads, “No backup targets found”. There is a “rescan” button but every time I hit that it scans again and still doesn’t find my device. At that point, it will not let me continue through the WD Backup Setup process since I don’t have a device selected. Thus, I cannot restore my files to my new computer. Anyone experience this?