My Cloud OS5 - Indexing taking forever

After updating to My Cloud OS5, my device (EX2 Ultra 8TB) is still rebuilding the indexes (after more than 24 hours of uninterrupted disks activity).

Has anyone experiencing the same issue? (I actually have apx 1.6TB of media files).



I have the same issue. I have EX2 Ultra 8TB about 1.2TB of data. It has been more than 24 hours indexing. What is going on?

I did a 40 second reset and I think it has set it back to factory. I recovered 0.01 TB and guess this must have been the index table. Switched off cloud access. RAM still at 50% no idea what this is up to.

Will wait for an update fingers crossed.


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me too mycloud ex2 ultra, it’s horrible the fan speed high and noise is horrible !


my fans have been running at 10k RPM solid since yesterday afternoon. I’m watching the HDD temps closely in case the fan craps out.

For 3TB data on my EX2 Ultra 8TB, it spent 4 days to redo indexing…but now is finished and work properly.

Stay safe and good luck.

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Known issue.

It’s a feature. . . . .“necessary” for the pretty thumbnails in the web app.

One would think there could be a better way.
I don’t need thumbnails for every single image, PDF, and MP3 on my web-accessible shares.


Well, the real problem is that there’s no way to exclude drives or folders for being indexed, nor a file extension filter that you can apply in order to index specific file only.

Or should I assume that all network share are being indexed arbitrarily.

same problem here

Same, and it’s impossible to sleep with all this activity

Dito… Auch bei mir!!! Seit gestern OS5 drauf mit 1,6 TB Daten. Indizierung läuft bereits seit 24 Std.

I have exactly the same issue. It is astonisihing how badly this has been done. After 48 hours it is still churning away and only about 10% of my stuff is visible on the Web app. Why this was not written to take two passes ( first for the file names, and the second for the thumbnails) beggars belief. :angry:

I had to disable Mobile and Web Access to all shared root folders and create new shares only for the subfolder I really need access too.

This is a very painful and time consuming activity.

I dont understand why they don‘t have an option to share to the cloud without the thumbnail generation. I suggested this to wd before but so far was ignored. I think disabling the thumbnails would save a lot of pain.

It seems to me that wd thinks all anyone does with this device is save their photo libraries. The picture on the new mycloud portal suggests this too

It’s also playing havoc with the Plex app - has no difficulty with the films - when it does finally realise that I want in and not out - but Plex is doing one of the following:

Doesn’t let me in at all;

When it does let me in, it won’t even start to shuffle my music - just starts turning for turning’s sake, then gives up;

When it does make an effort to play, it won’t do so without stuttering and thinking I have pressed pause!

I’m using Plex with no issues, I have all
Media files on an external USB drive connected to the EX2 Ultra and no web share.

After updating to MyCloud OS 5 i had to reinstall Plex and apply the latest update, but it was a straight forward action.

PR4100 here, 30+ hours now, temps up to 35,

Why is there no indicator as to what percent of indexing is complete. hmm just a thought


Photography is my hobby. I am using HOME-NAS to store and backup my photos. So I have at least more than 40,000 photos on hand, .jpg, .psd, or .raw.

To be honest, I don’t need a thumbnail at all. I just want my photos to stay safe and I can reach them anywhere (of course with internet). But I don’t have an option to turn the thumbnail off.

So now it seems that indexing would not stop, and My Cloud mobile app doesn’t work totally.

They’ve all dropped back to 32 which is normal for my system. phew.

I believe WD have totally lost focus on what matters and what not.

A NAS with a primary purpose of data backups should give high priority to this topic and forget about the rest.

Instead, they are pushing pointless and useless features which doesn’t bring any added value but headache moments and waste of precious time.

I don’t care about thumbnails as well and I should be able to decide what, when and how indexing should happen.



What WD is doing now looks like they are trying to turn some old Model NAS to something like Media Center Server or Online Album.

I think they’d better solve this problem in a later update, otherwise I should not consider WD NAS anymore.