My Cloud not compatible with macOS High Sierra


I think you will find that the APFS is the issue regardless of the hardware.


An update would be good, instead try this and that…im without WD Sync from months already!


Obligation? I am not sure I agree with that assumption as it doesn’t apply across all business areas. Now that IT and other industries, like the auto industry are converging especially. Do you expect your dealership to update the GPS maps in your car when new roads are built?

Also with the IT industry trying to followed standards that provide a more hardware vendor agnostic environment, it seems like the responsibility would at least be shared.

Just like Microsoft does crazy things that seem to impede the use of other browsers in the past, was the responsibility to fix that with Microsoft of Google, Mozilla, etc?

As long as WD is providing the ability to reach my device remotely and securely, then I am still better off than what Microsoft did, eliminating my original solution with Microsoft Home Server, that has completely went away and is no longer available.


I’m sure WD is thrilled to hear that some of its customers are willing to accept this significant problem caused by its unwillingness to update its product. However, many more can’t accept WD not ensuring compatibility of a product it currently sells with incompatible software it provides with that product. This should be unacceptable to all paying customers and no massaging or circular reasoning can possibly alleviate this. WD Sync is a major part of the MyCloud product as evidenced by the highly promoted syncing capability in the product’s literature. Period.


Even if we can not force WD to update its software so that its hardware does the work for which we buy it, we can make bad publicity for its products. Which, in my opinion, risks to be more more detrimental to his reputation and its sales.


Only one portion is not working, correct? Does that make the equipment 100% unusable? No…

The hardware still works, correct? The software is the problem, yes?

The two are not the same thing.

Clearly, I am upsetting you, which is not my intent, only pointing that your logic may not be in line with what you feel you purchased. It is directly in the EULA, that WD has no obligation to provide updates in section 4 of the My Cloud agreement.

That stated…great customer service would provide a solution. Like I stated before, I feel your pain, but as I found with Microsoft and the large number of Windows Home/Media Server customers were out of luck when they just decided to pull the plug. All the same functionality plus more, that WD provides, gone.


I’m not sure how many customers are aware of what an EULA is, let alone review section 4 of the agreement. This discussion is a bit beyond the point: it’s industry standard for tech companies to update their software for that their devices continue complying with the two major OS. I have a Canon printer from 2009 which still gets new drivers to remain compatible. Same with Brother, Bose, Sonos, Seagate, Linksys . . . . these are just come of the companies with products I use. If any of these companies stop updating their software to remain compatible, they simply cannot remain competitive and continue selling those products. Of course, it is also industry standard to retire products which are no longer supported. But in this case, WD not only should continue to support a product that went on sale recently, but it should continue their support and firmware updates because IT STILL SELLS this product!

Truly, what is the reason behind alleviating WD for this industry standard practice??? Don’t get it.


And I have plenty of other legacy devices that do not get upgrades. I do not doubt that many people have no clue what an end user license agreement is, but probably should. Not reading it could get you in quite a bit of trouble if you do something that the manufacturer does not intend or you may do something that negates the support. Regardless.

So, what about those of us that do NOT want to upgrade to the next version of an OS and may not want to have our firmware destroy a perfectly operational device, because of one functionality not working for others that is software driven? Apple no longer will allow my system to even be upgraded to High Sierra. Perhaps WD doesn’t want to break everyone at once and are still trying to find a solution that works for the majority of their customers? Do you have more of a right to have a supported WD MyCloud than someone that can’t upgrade to High Sierra? Should Apple allow my system to at least try to run High Sierra?

I am not alleviating anyone from any responsibility, but only asking why it has to be the responsibility of only one party. WD is still a business after all, and you can not assume they have infinite resources to address all priorities. They do not control the launch of Apple’s updates or Microsoft’s updates. The majority of their users are probably Windows users, so where do you think the resources are going to have to be focused?

Additionally, large companies and the government spend millions of dollars and still have the same issues, which is why individuals like myself and others have jobs, to integrate these changes. We all purchased an Apple product for a reason and I doubt the WD MyCloud was even in the consideration.

Again, realize that Apple is in fact a competitor of Western Digital in a way with their TimeCapsule and iCloud services.

Also, I am not sure you are clearly understanding that what you are stating is an industry standard, is not in fact a standard. Look to Microsoft and their products, even look to Apple and their products, which are no longer supported. I have quite a few of them, from multiple generations of iPod Touches. My relatively new Blackberry device is no longer supported by a number of Apps that used to be great.

The point of coming to the board is to voice your opinion and find a possible solution. I think there are enough technical people here that can provide you a viable alternative solution, that may in fact work better for you in the long run, maybe not, but thinking you are forcing WD to so something or think they should do something just because they are selling the product still doesn’t make it so. More than once I have bought something new and find it is no longer supported, end of life, etc. It happens.

Regardless, I do hope that a solution is found for you and even better if WD fixes it, but I hope it is not at the expense of how I and others use the device.


With all due respect, your reasoning is quite particular. WD depends on OS to make money (MS or Apple). If it doesn’t want to keep up with these OS updates, it either goes out of business or it tries to develop its own OS.

A for legacy products (iPods, etc), there are NO LONGER SOLD by Apple. WD still sells MyCloud and states its macOS compatible.

Further, how would a new firmware put you in harm’s way? Firmware is always backward compatible. Making products compatible with new versions of OS is “industry standard” in that each company must do this or it’s out of business.

Confused with your arguments.


Actually your logic is flawed still. WD’s main business is still hard drives in general, for all Operating Systems.

Linux still dominates that area on the business side, which makes up a larger part of WD’s overall business.

Firmware is not always backwards compatible, I am not sure where you got the idea that it is. Especially moving forward, that is going to be more true. Research Secure Host Baseline for Windows 10 used by the US government, but I digress. Apple still SOLD those products that they no longer updated in fact, so your point is not valid. They were not the current offering, but still sold directly from the Apple Store…

WD could drop ALL Apple support and stay in business. It would hurt, but they could stay in business. There are plenty of companies that do not deal with Apple compatibility and stay in business, so your logic is faulty. Microsoft reluctantly still supports items from Apple, but not very well…and may drop it at any time.

The point again is that WD Sync is a free piece of software. It was not included when I purchased my product.

The bottom line is My Cloud is still 100% compatible with Apple… WD sync is not what you purchased. The Hardware is what you purchased and it is in fact still compatible. ONE nice to have function is not working that does not make it incompatible.

And Android OS has taken over as the main OS. IOS is ahead of the Mac OS, BTW.


Personally I do not care about all this… WD just make Sync work again on the new Mac OS. PERIOD


As a reminder for anyone who doesn’t need remote syncing, they can use third party sync programs like Free File Sync ( on the Mac for local network syncing to the My Cloud while waiting for WD to (eventually) fix the WD Sync software.

The downside to using third party programs is the lack of secure remote syncing due to how the single bay/single drive My Cloud environment deals with remote access. There are a number of past discussions on attempting to use SFTP and other methods of more secure remote access beyond the single bay/single drive My Cloud FTP option.


Thank you, but security is why I want their sync app.


Use daemonized rsync? The mycloud supports it with a little prodding. Fairly confident that OSX supports rsync right out of the box…


As far as I can tell, if you run rsync in daemon mode on the gen2, and then forward the appropriate ports, you can have secure remote sync without any of WD’s software whatsoever.


The insistence of some of the comments in this forum diverting blame away from WD for this massive failure is strange. Why do paying customers have to find alternate ways to use WD’s hardware instead of WD updating the software needed to use the hardware it still sells??? Once again, strange (a carefully chosen word).



WD don’t care. That’s clear. So I try to offer alternatives.

That’s not forgiving or excusing WD, it’s simply understanding the reality of the situation. What are you doing about it?

Would I buy from WD again? HDDs, maybe. NAS devices? Probably not; the gen2 and Home seem to be retrograde.

ps. I take your ‘carefully chosen words’ to be an accusation that we’re somehow in league with WD. I don’t appreciate that, so don’t expect any help from me in future.


Looks like a struck a chord which is curious.

Bottom line: this is not a forum for personal commentary of alleged accusations. It is a community which discusses concerns about WD and its products. Anything else is beyond its scope.

WD not caring is a problem which cannot be overlooked as they made money from us and continue to do so as they are still selling this deficient product.

Let’s stick to the issue and try to get WD to do its job.


I personally feel that wdsync is a solution looking for a problem. Rsync is vastly more mature as a product, has wide industry adoption as a defacto standard for synchronizing unix-like environments, (Meaning you find it in professional datacenters all over the place,) and it is already baked into this product.

In my opinion, if you completely ignore WD’s half-baked software ecosystem, and approach the device for what it actually is (A low power consumer NAS appliance), without any stardust in your eyes, you will have a happier life, with fewer complications, and can get some nice mileage out of the product.

Arguably, I could create a much better product using a 150$ish MinnowBoard SBC (since it has a real SATA port, AND a gigabit ethernet port, AND a REAL USB3.0 port) and a large SATA hard disk for about the same price. It has some GPIO pins, so I could put pretty indicator LEDs on, and I could even put on a display if I so wished. (I would just run headless linux though.)

I have a nice 3d printer, so I could print a nice enclosure for it and everything.

(I happen to have one of the EoL minnowboard products, and I could very easily construct such a beast using it.)

That is not the point though. WD’s lack of quality in their ecosystem is not important, because their software ecosystem is entirely unnecessary.


How is it a deficient product?

That is all I am asking? I am not defending WD or saying they shouldn’t attempt to fix their software, all I am saying is that I NEVER purchased the MyCloud product for the sync capability because it was/is of no use to me. The ability to have the web interface to reach my device, yes…that was. Considering the Department of Defense doesn’t allow the software to be installed on their systems, nor does my company, the real functionality was the ability to have the access.

That is the true product they are selling, not the sync, not anything else. That is the truth. I am looking at the add for the same device I have (recertified) and it doesn’t mention sync at all. My Cloud ad on WD site for the product I use.

Once Microsoft stopped supporting their Home Server, I lost remote access via a simple web address, so WD provides a simple solution in that regard. Like I stated before, how I use the hardware and how you use it are completely different, but the fact of the matter is the hardware I purchased functions as intended, as does yours. Your software may not, but my guess if you have your time machine pointed to your My Cloud device, it still works. Your My Cloud account still works…your backup on your iPhone still works? If those items do not work, then yes, they are not meeting what the stated purpose of the product provides.

Again, I hope that they do fix the issue that you and others are having, but to say it is a deficient product is not accurate, as it still works as intended. You can rail all day long about how the software doesn’t work but that is not what you purchased. If it was, you purchased the wrong product.

OH…and BTW, High Sierra is NOT listed as a compatible OS if you look at the link I provided.

And even the newer product while it mentions sync it also doesn’t mention High Sierra as a supported OS.


For me, the silence from WDC says it all. If you can’t make your products backward compatible then just say so. And I mean in a public statement. That way us Apple Ecosystem users can move on OFFICIALLY.