My Cloud not compatible with macOS High Sierra


Backwards compatible? I didn’t see that being the problem…how is this dealing with backwards compatibility?


Cpt…I believe you mentioned that you would not consider Synology due to cost, but I am seeing a 2 Bay unit for around $150 US. I don’t know of any WD item that comes close to that in price right now that would provide the 2 disk option. Granted I still have to purchase the disks for it.


I merely pointed out the difference in cost. I didn’t say it would prevent a purchase…

I also said that both my drives were bought for less than i would have paid for the red drives…


Well that you might not purchase…

I am just looking at my next option down the road. I still have to fully move all my files from my Windows Home Server that was in storage for the last 5 years due to moving. Considering the HW is still relatively new, I was thinking of building my own NAS…but already had purchased the WD MyCloud as an option while the server was in storage. Still not sure which direction I am going to go when I have the time, but will have to do something.


No NAS has everything but Synology and QNAP are very good at what they do. WD just provides (IMO) a basic/affordable way to get a NAS on a network.


Does any WD staff membre dare to give us an answer ?


It look that not… :S


WD-SYNC work on my old mac (os 10.12) and a friends windows-pc.

On my new iMac (OS 10.13 and 10.14) i can install wd sync easily.
But my password is not accepted anymore on this iMac (OS 10.13 and 10.14).
It looks like, that the problem comes from this iMac(-Settings) or just the OS versions (10.13 and 10.14).
Because the password i use is correct and works on the other computers/OS versions.

My Cloud EX2 Ultra

Thanks for suggestions!


There is a dedicated subforum for the EX2 series that may have additional information specific to that unit. This subforum (My Cloud) is generally for the single bay My Cloud unit.

Also there is a specific subforum for WD Software that may have additional information.

One thing to check is the Mac OS Keychain setting in the Mac OS and remove any entry for the My Cloud username and password. Then try using the My Cloud user name and password that one creates through the My Cloud Dashboard.