Missing “NEW OS 5 AVAILABLE” on the dashboard

I’m trying to update a MyCloud EX2 Ultra to My Cloud OS 5.

I’ve already updated the firmware to version 2.41.106 however I don’t have the box “NEW OS 5 AVAILABLE” on the dashboard.

Any idea how to fix this issue?


@Allvey Thanks for the reporting the issue.
You should be receiving the OS 5 Update notification shortly.

I am having the same issue. No option for installing OS 5. I have installed 2.41.106.

Same for me. Option is available connects to the server than fails to download

have tried several times and always the download fails. Is there another way to download the OS without going through the dashboard

Tried the new link that appeared on dashboard this afternoon. 2 tries to download and then successful. Installed and working

I also cannot see this update box. Also my firmware is 2.41.157

@brianmatthews firmware 2.41.157 is the most recent firmware release of My Cloud OS 3 firmware. If you wish to upgrade to My Cloud OS 5 pre-release, you must follow the instructions in the announcement sections of this board and manually download and install firmware 2.41.106. The alternate option is to remain on 2.41.157 and wait until My Cloud OS 5 has been released to the general public.

That new OS 5 is garbage, it uses half 5he ram the cpu is running over 50% it slow loading the ui ,for some reason the available storage is being used up since I downgraded to this trash os, a half tb of space is being used for unknown reasons,
After the red drive crsp wd pulled and now this trash os I am done with western digital.This 2d pr4100 was a fantastic nas now its about of garbage,I just ordered the qnap ts-873 it is an o,der model but far surpasses anything WD has to offer ,it will be filled with Seagate ironwolf pro driveves

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I also have a problem with downloading the My cloud OS 5. I don’t see the new os available button. My version is 2.41.106.

The following article will help resolve the issue.

My Cloud OS 5: Update Screens Blank and Missing Text

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