Mycloud EX2 Ultra, firmware already at 2.41.116 - how do I update to OS5?

I have a Mycloud EX2 Ultra. My firmmware is already at 2.41.116. I’m trying to update to OS5 but can’t find where to do it. It appears from reading the instructions, you have to update to the firmware version I have and then it rolls into the OS update. I can’t seem to install the firmware again, when I go look for “latest firmware” it links to an older version. Is there a link somewhere I can just update to the new OS?

Not to hijack your thread but I swear I saw the OS5 update prompt on all 3 EX2 Ultras I work with and now today the update icons are gone from the dashboard and the notification to update to OS5 disappeared after I did a reboot to try and regain it. I think something hinky is going on with the update servers today. I get a message it can’t connect to the update servers too.


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