Attempting to upgrade from OS3 to OS5 on MyCloud EX2 Ultra

Received several emails regarding need to upgrade to OS5. My current firmware is version; 2.41.116. Per the WD update notes, must update to Firmware (FW) version 2.41.121 prior to updating to FW version 5.15.117. Downloaded FW version 2.41.121 file: \My_Cloud_BVBZ_2.41.121.bin. From the admin control panel, clicked on the file that was downloaded and click run. The next step was a screen that popped up “Update Firmware” with a 'upgrading (%). Unfortunately, nothing is happening. The screen has been up for almost two hours and there is no (zero %) progress. I am sure this is not supposed to be the case. Can anyone provide any insight on what is happening?

Hi @hamiltonhj,

Please refer to the below article to check My Cloud OS 5: Firmware Availability and Supported Devices:

@ Keerti_01 He has a compatible device (EX2 Ultra).

Have you tried the automated firmware update (from the dashboard)? Try a 40 second reset and then try to reload the firmware update.

I have the same model with the same issue, and the automated firmware updater say “Unable to connect to the firmware update server. Please check the network connection and try again.”
Also I can connect from outside (outside of my local network) with the app so it has connection (?)
Edit. OK I did it, after many changes and tries, I reboot the device and I changed the language to english, after that I could upgrade (manually) the OS version to 5.