My Cloud EX2 Ultra OS 5 confusion


I have the My Cloud EX2 Ultra hardware.
The version of the firmware is 2.40.144
The system states that I am on the current version.
I would like to eventually upgrade to OS 5 and here is where the confusion starts:

I’ve read two different WD articles, One states that OS 5 is compatible with my device and another article omits my device completely.

Next, there is this requirement

  • The device must be on the 2.41.106 firmware to update to My Cloud OS 5

So my questions are,
Is my device compatible with OS 5?
How do I get to firmware version 2.41.106?

Thank you

Thank you!

Do you happen to know if I can install the 2.41.106 firmware without doing the full MS Cloud OS 5 upgrade?

Once again, thank you

From my understanding, you should be able to. It is similar to the idea of installing a profile on an Apple device to then access the beta updates. Except in this case, if you upgrade to OS 5, there is no ability to downgrade.

Hello @Brown1: updating to 2.41.106, will enable you to update to the My Cloud OS 5 firmware. 2.41.106 is still a My cloud OS 3 firmware. My Cloud EX2 Ultra is a supported device.

You know. . . I have been wondering why there is no “downgrade path” back to OS3.

I could see lots of users hesitating on that point.

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After reading

My Cloud OS 5: Feature Differences Between My Cloud OS3 and OS5

Answer ID 29389
Combined with the problems that I have encountered using OS5 now, I regret upgrading to OS5. Obviously OS3 is more stable and easier to use.

@techfront, thank you for the update, I may just wait for the product to be ready for a full release.

Can you tell us what problems have you encountered after updating

Thank you

My 3 cents:

  1. The OS5 at the local network level seems like an ok update. There are a number of tweaks to the functionality that enhance the unit. Two examples: No longer attempts to index USB drives when inserted (This is a BIG deal if the USB drive has 4TB of photos on it) ; The NAS now consistently appears in the “network” section of Win10 File Explorer.

  2. Not sure of the security enhancements. . . but they say there are some. The units from what I read. . .need this.

  3. The OS5 web app - as far as it goes - is nice; and seems to work better than the OS3 app. . .but it seems very unfinished; less professional (i.e. geared to non-sophisticated users) and loses notable functionality compared to the OS3 app (i.e. the copy command).

  4. In terms of problems. . … meh. . .a few minor ones. Nothing earthshattering.