[NEW OS AVAILABLE] button disappeared, how do I update?

I have admittedly been putting it off for a while, but since support is going away permanently I figured it’s time to update to My Cloud OS 5. However, now that I actually want to update I notice the orange “NEW OS AVAILABLE” button is gone from my dashboard. Any help with how to initiate the process?

Firmware version: 2.41.121

Bonus question, is the indexing process still as slow and shady as it was upon first release, or have there been improvements? Just wondering if I should buckle in for literal days of updating.

Thank you for the reply. Unless I’m missing something, that screen just tells me I am up to date and I don’t see another link for updating to My Cloud OS 5.

Thanks again for your response, it pointed me in the right direction and everything worked well. Even indexing took far less time than some of the stories here would have suggested.