Unable to find button to upgrade to OS 5!

Hi, all. I have received emails requesting that my MyCloud with OS 3 be upgraded to OS 5, by going to the current dashboard and clicking on the “NEW OS 5 AVAILABLE” orange button - however, that button does not appear on my dashboard…
My device firmware is 2.41.116 and is up to date…
Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

What specific device do you have? There are a couple of My Cloud units that run v2.x firmware but are not supported by OS5. Those units are: My Cloud Mirror (first gen), My Cloud EX2, and the My Cloud EX4.

My Cloud OS 5: Firmware Availability and Supported Devices

If your device is supported, you can manually download and update the firmware like the previous poster indicated.

Thank you, everyone for replying.

@Bennor, my device was listed on the list of devices which are supported for OS 5, so much so that in the past that button was indeed on my dashboard - I just hadn’t had a chance to update at that time - now the orange button is gone.

@dswv42, I did follow the steps for the manual update here: My Cloud OS 5: How to Update From My Cloud OS 3, and I got the firmware up to date (that was last weekend, btw). It’s when I hit step 2 that I find I can’t get past it…

For the manual OS update with the bin file you posted - how do I update it that way? would it be just a matter of double-clicking on it and going from there?

I have the same problem. My device is MyCloud EX-2 Ultra. Firmware has been updated to 2.41.121. On step 3 of the OS 5 upgrade procedure, I do not see the NEW OS 5 AVAILABLE box anywhere on my Dashboard, on the Home screen or any other tab. Looking for how to get past this problem step.

Hi, @GylesM. Mine actually eventually showed up, but while in conversation with IT folks at WD, they sent me this link, which might still be helpful to those in the same boat:

Follow the instructions under “Manual Update”.

Thank you! For some reason, it wasn’t obvious to me that OS 5 was installed via another firmware update after the firmware update to 2.41.121 (duh). Just downloaded the 5.18.117 firmware update, and running the installation via the manual firmware update. Hoping I don’t run into any of the number of issues many seem to have with OS 5. Thanks again!