Problem updating to os5

I upgraded the firmware on my MyCloudEX2Ultra but I did not get the New OS Available box so I can not upgrade to OS5. WHat do I need to do?

Pretty sure you can download the firmware directly from WD and “do it yourself”.

Also, in the utilities menu (Or is it settings?) you can look for a firmware-check button.

Be warned: OS/5 is a bit of a stinky mess. I personally gave it a few months. . then downgraded (had to SSH into the unit) back to OS/3.

Of course. . . OS/3 is obsolete, and no OS/3 device should be available to the internet in 2021. (I mean IP address blocked at the router; not merely turning off “cloud services” on the device.

Personally, I actually make the same recommendation for OS/5; for different (more tin-foil-hat related) reasons.

As indicated by others try updating manually.

For those who’s update screens for My Cloud OS 5 are blank and missing text, images and instructions, examples:

WD has the following support article:

My Cloud OS 5: Update Screens Blank and Missing Text

Thanks for the advice - thant worked fine

Not upgrade to OS 5. It’s ■■■■ and will ruin your experience.