Instruction to enable WebDAV Access for MyCloud Mirror


i wrote a little instruction to enable WebDAV Access for MyCloud Mirror

 1. add WebDAV Ports for HTTP and HTTPS in the dashboard. (Settings – Network – Port Forwarding)

klick Add

klick Next

select the two WebDAV Ports and click Finish

  1. If you enabled uPnP on your router the ports will be automatically forwarded, if not you have to forward these ports to your My Cloud Mirror. I did this manually:

  1. Enable WebDAV service in your dashboard (Settings – Network – WebDAV Service)

  2. Enable WebDAV service for your shares (Shares – select a share – Share Access – WebDAV Access ON

  3. Now you have register a DynDNS service to access your router and MyCloud from an external device and enter this account to your router.

6.Now you can access your Share via WebDav from your Smartphone or any other device the adress is (with your DynDNS Account): https://mycloud.ddns.net4443/Public (for https access).

If your share is not public and you specified an user with write or read access you have to set the user and passwort too.

An Info: The WebDAV Service is unattached from the CloudService. That means that you can disable the Cloud Service and you have still access to the WebDAV shares.

I used CarotDAV to test the WebDAV access from my Windows PC. For Android I used ES File Explorer.


Hi there, thank you very much for sharing this with the community. Hopefully other users can benefit from this post and are able to use it for future reference.

good instructions. Thanks. Only issue I got with Windows 10 is accessing the WebDAV service from outsside my network. Windows is showing me two certificates in the OS’s certificate store to try and use. It does not matter if I use them or not, the OS won’t connect to a WebDAV share where I can establish an unencrypted connection within the local network where the NAS is.