Connecting WDMyCloud to Home WiFi Network

I recently moved and my 7 year old WDMyCloud (which worked fine in my old house a few weeks ago) is connected to my router and has a solid blue light on front - but when I go into my Windows 10 Settings it shows up as Not Connected. Any advice as to how to connect to my home wifi would be much appreciated. BR, Bucky


Do you own a WDMYCLOUD or a My Cloud Home?

WD Documentation (

If your device has a solid blue LED what WD device do you own? Is it on OS3 or OS5?

It is a WDMYCLOUD which I purchased in June 2017 (I understand My Cloud Home was not introduced until December of that year). As to OS3 or OS5, I don’t know. The product serial number is WCC7KDFS4ZY if that helps at all. Many thanks, Bucky

If you wish more replies specific to your device, you should try posting and reading in the My Cloud OS3 or OS5 subforum. This is the My Cloud Home subforum which has nothing to do with the My Cloud (different CPU, different memory, different firmware, different OS, different users).

WD My Cloud, it is one with the blue headings


If the front light is blue and you are connected to your router what are the rear LED llights doing, if anything?

Are you able to get to the Dashboard? You can find what firmware is on your device by looking at the Dashboard.

On your router can you see the address for your WDMYCLOUD?

If your device has a blue light on the front and the rear LEDs show you have a connection, try this and see what happens //WDMYCLOUD or the name of your device. See if using that as the address opens it.