Mycloud not visible

Cannot connect to MyCloud home. It was working fine for several months but now it’s not visible. When I disconnect the power and reconnect the front LED blinks yellow for about 30 seconds then goes out. The back LED is blinking green. Any suggestions?

fast blinking LED may be a problem with the drive. See below from the user manual. I would sugggest contacting wd support

Do you have a My Cloud Home or a WD My Cloud? Visit the Learning Center to determine what you have.

I have MyCloud, not Home

Have you checked in the Dashboard under Settings>General to see if it is on or off? See image below.

My front LED, like many others who own the 1st generation My Cloud has been out for a couple of months now. It does come on when it first starts to boot up but then goes out.

My My Cloud works just fine though.

I can’t access the dashboard for it either.

Do you have a static IP address set for it or is it set by DHCP?

Are you on Windows, Apple, Linux etc.?

It’s DHCP. I have Windows 10.

Are you able to check your router and see what the address is for it. It would change when unplugged and rebooted. If you can get the address then try that in your browser and it should open your Dashboard.

I am able to see the dashboard now.

Is your My Cloud working? As long as it works you should not worry about getting the blue LED to light up.

I have the first generation, have had it for four years. It works fine just no blue LED.

I’m still unable to see it in file explorer. What do I need to do to access it again?

Try this, open up file explore then click on network and somewhere in the white area next to network click so it will highlight network, then delete it and enter \\WDMYCLOUD and press on ENTER on your keyboard. This should open it up. You can then drag the monitor like icon onto your desktop to make a shortcut to the My Cloud. See example image below.


Update: I will add this image below. Once you get the My Cloud to show in File Explorer you can right click on it and Pin it to Start or Quick Access.

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

See my topic I just created and see if it works for you.