Factory Reset MyCloud Not On Network

I have a 6TB MyCloud device that I did a 40-second reset on about 30 minutes ago - the power light is flashing rapid blue. I’m concerned that it’s still not showing up in DHCP but maybe it won’t join the network until the reset is complete? I’m not sure. I guess my question is how long before I can expect it to at least request an IP from the network? TIA

Have you looked at the User Manual, LEDs?

My Cloud Personal Storage User Manual (wdc.com)

If you haven’t done so already, see the following WD Knowledge Base Articles, they may have some relevant information or suggestions on what to do.

Blinking White or Blue Power LED on My Cloud

Blinking Blue Drive LED on My Cloud

I am having the same issue. Fast blue blinking LED. Tried to upgrade to new software and drive cannot be seen on browser with IP address or router menu. Ideas?