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I’m new to the world of My Cloud and have a simply but important questions. When I have made a backup of all my data on to My Cloud, can I delete my computer and easily open the cloud when I have re-installed windows? Or is it a special program/settings I need to follow inside the cloud?


how did you do the backup? you probably can’t restore programs but data should be ok

I am a firm believer in always having at least 2 copies of anything you care about. If the PC & mycloud are the only 2 I would make another copy before deleting the files. everything fails, and generally at the worst time and mistakes happen

Hi and thanks for your answering!

Well, I just copied everything interesting (yes with two backups :wink: . My plan is to restore windows and clean the disc, and then connect to my Cloud for download back my backup. 

So after cleaning my computer its just to downolad the MyCloud-apps and they will find the cloud-disc without any problems? With a “normal” backup extern harddrive, this wouldn’t have been an issue…I could just plug the USB-cable and transfere back again, but I am a bit nervous that this cloud-system will delete all my data when I delete my windows WITH the different cloud-apps etc…

What do you think my Cloud-wizzard? 

I hope the second copy is on a separate drive and if you have a USB drive this would be a good time to use it.

having two copies on the same drive won’t do you any good if the cloud fails which usually does when it knows that it has both copies of your data :-p

The second copy is on a separate drive!! Oh yes, well hidden in a vault in Switzerland…

So it’s no problem to re-connect to the cloude AFTER re-installing windows?

good luck… let us know how it worked out…

edit: I don’t see “why not” as the backup copy on the cloud is independant of your window installation, unless it Windows 10…

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Funny you should ask…its windows 10…

ltgwd wrote:

Funny you should ask…its windows 10…

I will have to infer that you mean

  1. upgrading to Windows 10 and

  2. backup meaning that you copied your data over to the cloud and

  3. after you install windows 10

  4. you want to connect to the Cloud and

  5. copy the data back.

Yes there is another post that ensures that you can reconnect with Windows 10 with the Cloud.

but use copy to copy your data to the cloud and copy the data back from the cloud to your new Windows 10 installation.

here are some windows 10 connections posts

An update: It worked fine! I made a backup to my WD My Cloud, deleted harddrive on computer and downloaded the backup down again from the cloud to the new computer. No problems, even with windows 10.