New pc set up and update?

Hello all,

My old pc is on its last legs so will get another. How to do I reconnect to Mycloud and ensure the new connection does not wipe the content but updates my new pc with the old pc’s data.

@Caher What type of new computer are you going to buy and what operating system?

Leave your My Cloud connected to your router, if that’s how you have it connected.

How did you backup you data? I use SmartWare and all I have had to do is retrieve mine and place it on my new hard drives that were replaced or on my new computers. See example image below. Be sure to read the information WDMyCloudInformationIcon provided. If your old computer is still working you can just move what’s on it to your new computer.

Thanks for responding.
I just use the software shipped with Mycloud on my windows 10 pc, and will be replacing with another of the same.
The backup seems to be in a synchronised mode so if I delete a folder/file it also disappears from Mycloud.
I want to back to my new pc before I reestablish the synchronisation.