[APP] SickRage various versions for firmware V4+ (02/2016)

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Automatic Video Library Manager for TV Shows. It watches for new episodes of your favorite shows, and when they are posted it does its magic.

This is SickRage various versions with OpenSSL and UnRAR support for WDMyCloud V4 Firmware successfully built with 64K page size memory patch. For setups and details, refer to https://github.com/SiCKRAGETV/SickRage (existing) or https://github.com/SickRage/SickRage (newer).

For those interested on how to build from the source, refer to this  thread. It may help others to continue supporting the 64K page size memory for other packages. Below are my simplified instructions on how to get it installed on the V4 firmware (will not work on older firmwares). 

AND I have also made an online generic 64K page size memory package installer to simplify the installations of Debian packages on WDMyCloud. This will not work on older version 3 WD firmwares and I’m not planning to support it either as I’m sticking with the V4 firmwares. Based on dynamic server-side FastCGI, perl and shell scripts, I’ll be using this method for newer guides from now onwards. Feel free to parse the script codes. All bug reports, opinions and suggestions are welcomed.

The Generic Online Installer:

1) Auto download of required debs including its dependencies if any.
2) Debs installation in the required order to prevent dependency issues.
3) Auto run custom configurations if any.

If you proceed further, you are fully aware of the usual WD’s _warranty void _clauses including disclaimer from any damages that may resulted from this guide.

  • Enable SSH on your NAS from the WD DashBoard settings if not done so. SSH to your NAS port 22 using i.e. putty root@wdmycloud.

  • To proceed with the installation, first you need to get the username and password from me. The credentials will expire hourly e.g. “1AM,2AM,3AM…” to prevent intentional abuse on my network resources. Click on the link below to get the credentials :


  • After obtaining the credentials, just copy & paste into the SSH terminal session of your WDMyCloud:

    export NAZAR78_USER=user; export NAZAR78_PASS=pass; export NAZAR78_KEYS=keys;

  • Then run the online installer on your WDMyCloud copy & paste as below, follow the instructions and enjoy (-:

    Version 4.0.29-4:
    curl teanazar.com/installer.fcgi?sickrage_4.0.29-4|sh;

    Version 6.0.34-1:
    curl teanazar.com/installer.fcgi?sickrage_6.0.34-1|sh;

    Version 7.0.23-1:
    curl teanazar.com/installer.fcgi?sickrage_7.0.23-1|sh;

    Version 2016.02.16-1: - From new repository.
    curl teanazar.com/installer.fcgi?sickrage_2016.02.16-1|sh;

  • IMPORTANT: If you’re upgrading from major versions and experiencing issues, it’s recommended to backup and start with a clean config: mv ~/.config/sickrage ~/.config/sickrage.`date ‘+%Y%m%d-%H%M%S’` && service sickrage restart;.

For quick backup and restore when WD release newer firmware update:

  • Before updating firmware:
    tar zcf /shares/Public/sickrage.tar.gz ~/.config/sickrage;

  • After updating firmware:
    tar xf /shares/Public/sickrage.tar.gz -C /;

  • Run the online installer again. Your settings will be preserved and you may then remove the tar backup.

Online Installer change log:

[20150629] Added SickRage v4.0.29-4 with OpenSSL and UnRAR support.
[20160112] Added UnRAR v5.30 support.
[20160119] Fixed init.d could not find config path.
[20160124] Added SickRage v6.0.34-1 - Disabled GIT usage.
[20160217] Added SickRage v7.0.23-1.
[20160221] Added SickRage v2016.02.16-1 - From new repository https://github.com/SickRage/SickRage.


Hi there,

Thanks for sharing this with the community, helpfully this helps other users.

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Hello nazar, for some reason I have problem getting the credentials… they are just not showing up and I am pretty tired of refreshing the page:D is there any other way to get them ?:slight_smile:

EDIT: its working again:D nevermind then :slight_smile:

EDIT2: also I am getting this notification:

"Unknown current version number: If you’ve never used the SickRage upgrade system before then current version is not set.—Update Now " I wonder if something might break when I try to update?:slight_smile:


Yeah great you finally got it. Most who can’t get it obviously  didn’t read the instructions carefully. There’s even an image of how to get the credentials (-:

And it’s safe to update else I would have already disabled or post warnings about the update feature.

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Nazar78 wrote:



Yeah great you finally got it. Most who can’t get it obviously  didn’t read the instructions carefully. There’s even an image of how to get the credentials (-:


And it’s safe to update else I would have already disabled or post warnings about the update feature.

To be honest when I click on the link while holding cmd (on mas on windows CTRL) to open it in new window the credentials just doesnt show up… but when I click on it normally so it redirects me they are there… probably some kind of glitch:D

EDIT: also could you take a look at CouchPotato pretty please?:slight_smile: its like sickRage but for movies :)) thank you for your work :)))

I’ll add CouchPotato to the to-do list. Keep a look out for my new post.

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I do with this message ?, try updating but not updated. I can perform updates with GIT?

Thank you for your excellent work


I did the upgrade and it works. You can’t use GIT.

edited: try restarting the service sickrage.


can I use this to install SickRage in a WD “My Cloud Mirror”?


Not for mirror and above as I don’t have those devices to support.


I just successfully installed sickrage on the my cloud. Because I also run sickbeard on my android MINIX box I changed the port number to 8083 on my sickrage interface. Now I cannot access my sickrage interface. I’m new to this whole thing and am going to wrap my head around it eventually. For now a few tips would greatly help me out.

How can i get around this? Is there a way to reinstall sickrage without having to redownlaod everything over again?
Is there a way i can access the sickrage config file to manually change the port. Im wondering why changing the port to 8083 stopped it from working?


OK after a restart the port change took affect.stupid me. But I still would like to know how to access the sickrage files. And also where are the installation files kept on the mycloud for sickreage, transmission…etc??

EDIT: im slowly figuring this out. Is the only way to brows the root files though ssh?

Also through sickrage is it possible to point to another smb share on the network? So for instance im running a harddrive connected to my MINIX box (mounted to internal folders) which has a samba server running. I want to post process sickrage to have it find my existing shows that are my harddrive in order for it to move and rename my old (sickbeard library) to my new sickrage library on mycloud.

any thoughts?

For any apps, you can point the download path onto your WDMC SMB shares e.g. /shares/Public/ but you’ll need to change the ownership/permissions (chmod 666/777) of this path accordingly else other users will not be able to access the files e.g.
chown -R root:share /shares/Public/myfiles; chmod -R 2777 /shares/Public/myfiles;

You can also point to another SMB/NFS shares on another device but you’ll need to mount it first e.g. for SMB:-

Edit your fstab:
nano /etc/fstab;

Add a new line below to your fstab (warning don’t change anything else or your WDMC will soft brick at boot time):
// /mnt/android cifs rsize=16777157,wsize=16777157,username=user,password=password 0 0

CTRL+[x] to save, [y] to confirm.

Make the path then mount it:
mkdir /mnt/android; mount -a; ls -lah /mnt/android;
Note that you’ll get long delay booting up WDMC or during browsing if the android device is offline or unreachable. For me I add another option ‘noauto’ to the fstab (just after password) so not to mount at boot then mount it only when needed mount /mnt/android; and remove when done umount /mnt/android;. Use -f option to force unmount and -l option for lazy unmount (when the resource is no longer busy).

Disclaimer: Do all these at your own risk.

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dam awesome info! THANKS

mounting the android to the wd would just be a temporary thing as I would just need sickrage to post processes my existing library once.

// /mnt/android cifs rsize=16777157,wsize=16777157,username=user,password=password 0 0, noauto

would you have any idea how to mount the mycloud to the android filesystem (via smb)? I have been reading over the forum on transmission and sickrage and it seems like the consensus is that all though it works very well the WDMC is not very powerful in terms handling many connections at once. I would like to stay with sickrage and transmission since there is more support for it, but If i can have a more powerful system do the the same I might as well go with that route.

Right now I have an android version of sickbeard running on my minx X8-H and am using ttorrent as my downloader. My sickbeard on android works awesome with postproccing and moving my downloaded tv shows from the ttorrents completed folder to the proper tv show directory for XBMC. The main problems that im having that I really want fixed are the following:

  1. the Sickbeard version i have gives me errors when i try to have it search for torrents. I need to use https://showrss.info to create a custom rss list of my shows which i then have ttorrent download to a new download folder. This means i need to keep two different databases shows updated when adding or removing shows. When the downloads finish ttorrent moves them to a finished download folder which sickbeard scans ever few hours to move to their appropriate show folder. I havent been able to figure out how to install another version of sickbeard on to

  2. I want to automate this process more by having sickbeard tell my downloader to delete the torrent from ttorent and all associated files after the files are processed by sickbeard. If not, when every my MINIX turns off and back on and the downloads are not cleared from ttorrent, it will proceed to re download the files.

  3. Sickbeard version i have does not want to communicate with XBMC to tell the library to update when a new file is added.

I’m happy to donate for help on this issue in order to have a completely streamlined design :slight_smile:

Nazar, can a private chat be arranged to discuss some other possibilities?

No it’s:

// /mnt/android cifs rsize=16777157,wsize=16777157,username=user,password=password,noauto 0 0

You should be able to mount WDMC on to Android with root access. I’ve done it before but on a smart phone. Somehow the app I used is no longer on PlayStore but you can find it here.

  1. Sorry I have no in depth experience in SickBeard/SickRage/NZBGet. For app support you’ll need to checkout their forums. I’m only helping out on the installations on WDMC.

  2. I don’t think this could be done with tTorrent because it doesn’t seems to support API/RPC to do automations.

  3. Think XBMC supports Json API/RPC which you can create post processing scripts to automate this.

The way I have mine is, FlexGet + Transmission + MiniDLNA/Twonky. FlexGet will do the RSS parsing, let Transmission do the downloading, also check for completed downloads on the next schedule to remove from Transmission list and finally MiniDLNA/Twonky is already auto updating its libraries via inotify.

Can anyone help point me somewhere towards a successful execution?
I am using a MyCloudEX2 with the firmware:

Not one of the guide3s I have attempted has successfully installed sickbeard, Schrage, or sonarr… I just purchased this 24 hours ago for the sole purpose of Media automation and pled server management…

Most of the users in this section have My Cloud single drive variant not the Mirror/EX2/EX4. I thought of getting the EX4 but the SDK support wasn’t up to my expectation, might as well build a HTPC.

You could try asking in the MyCloud EX2 section: https://community.wd.com/c/network-attached-storage/wd-my-cloud-ex2

Hello, Nazar.
Past few weeks SickRage does not working correctly. especially after some latest updates, that offering on main page of SR.
So i want to ask one thing from you.
I have some troubles to access SickRage through web interface, so i had to reboot mycloud every time to restart SickRage, but it is very long and not seems right thing to do in this situation.
May be we can manualy restart SickRage from putty, without rebooting device (like transmission-stop transmission-daemon)?

You can restart using service sickrage restart

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Hello I’m having issues with 4.0.29 and the newest version 4.2.X after updating. What are the commands I can ssh to upgrade to a different working version? For example 4.1.0 at url https://github.com/SiCKRAGETV/SickRage/archive/v4.1.0.tar.gz?