[APP] FlexGet various versions for firmware V4+ (03/2015)

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This is FlexGet v1.2.x (with its plugins webUI and transmissionrpc) for firmware V4+ successfully built with 64K page size memory patch. For setups and details, refer to http://flexget.com/wiki/TracGuide.

For those interested on how to build from the source, refer to this  thread. It may help others to continue supporting the 64K page size memory for other packages. Below are my simplified instructions on how to get it installed on the V4 firmware (will not work on older firmwares).

AND I have also made an online generic 64K page size memory package installer to simplify the installations of Debian packages on WDMyCloud. This will not work on older version 3 WD firmwares and I’m not planning to support it either as I’m sticking with the V4 firmwares. Based on dynamic server-side FastCGI, perl and shell scripts, I’ll be using this method for newer guides from now onwards. Feel free to parse the script codes. All bug reports, opinions and suggestions are welcomed.

The Generic Online Installer:

1) Auto download of required debs including its dependencies if any.
2) Debs installation in the required order to prevent dependency issues.
3) Auto run custom configurations if any.

If you proceed further, you are fully aware of the usual WD’s _warranty void _clauses including disclaimer from any damages that may resulted from this guide.

  • Enable SSH on your NAS from the WD DashBoard settings if not done so. SSH to your NAS port 22 using i.e. putty root@wdmycloud.

  • To proceed with the installation, first you need to get the username and password from me. The credentials will expire hourly e.g. “1AM,2AM,3AM…” to prevent intentional abuse on my network resources. Click on the link below to get the credentials :

    WDMyCloud | TeaNazaR.com

  • After obtaining the credentials, just copy & paste into the SSH terminal session of your WDMyCloud:

    export NAZAR78_USER=user; export NAZAR78_PASS=pass; export NAZAR78_KEYS=keys;

  • Then run the online installer on your WDMyCloud copy & paste as below, follow the instructions and enjoy (-:

    Version 1.2.287 :
    curl teanazar.com/installer.fcgi?flexget_1.2.287|sh;

    Version 1.2.291 :
    curl teanazar.com/installer.fcgi?flexget_1.2.291|sh;

    Version 1.2.309 :
    curl teanazar.com/installer.fcgi?flexget_1.2.309|sh;

For quick backup and restore when WD release newer firmware update:

  • Before updating firmware:
    tar zcf /shares/Public/flexget.tar.gz ~/.config/flexget;

  • After updating firmware:
    tar xf /shares/Public/flexget.tar.gz -C /;

  • Run the online installer again. Your settings will be preserved and you may then remove the tar backup.

Online Installer change log:

[20150303] Added FlexGet v1.2.287 (plugins: webUI and transmissionrpc).
[20150316] Added FlexGet v1.2.291 (plugins: webUI and transmissionrpc).
[20150514] Added FlexGet v1.2.309 (plugins: webUI and transmissionrpc).

This is great news. Thank you so much…I will see if i can test it out sometime soon. I have been running flexget on my router so i dont have a real need to run it on my wdMC… In any case this will be useful for many others.


Thanks very much!!

I will try now!!!

No problem guys. This app is cool! Thanks to alirz1 for the config sample as I have never used FlexGet before. My first FlexGet cronjob ran today and received email notification about two new tv series that I’m following being processed. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks very much!!!

I can auto download all series usind THE TV DB favorits…

Now I try config automatic download using watchlist of IMDB.

When I have all works I’m will share config file.

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FlexGet-1.2.291 dated 2015-03-13 added to the first post. See here for change log: http://flexget.com/wiki/ChangeLog

FlexGet-1.2.309 dated 2015-05-13 added to the first post. See here for change log: http://flexget.com/wiki/ChangeLog

Thanks for installer. I have suggestion to create folder with settings in Public folder as it is done in Trasmission.

My installer for transmission doesn’t create the settings in the public folder, just the download paths. It’s not recommended to place settings in the public environment due to security aspect. But if you insist, you can easily move them there and have it symlinked or mount bind. I would however recommend you to move it elsewhere protected and yet safe from firmware upgrade overwrites.

Do you have any plans to get FlexGet or any other app to automatically download torrents from RSS for the new My Cloud Mirror? If not, is there someone you know that could develop or could you port a version to work with Mirror?

I do not have My Cloud Mirror. It uses busybox instead of bash. Even though I’m very familiar with busybox (from Android development), Mirror layout is still different from MyCloud 1 bay. Unless someone would donate their spare Mirror to me :stuck_out_tongue:

@Nazar78 Could you post a config sample for it to work with Transmission on WD MyCloud?

I just installed it and there’s no web GUI at, apparently because there’s no configuration.

You can follow the sample here http://flexget.com/wiki/Configuration

For the transmission part:

host: localhost
port: 9091
username: myusername
password: mypassword

Take note of the yaml spacings.

Hi all,

I wrote this post by mistake on Nazar’s Transmission thread, but he gave me a good clue to solve my problem, so I’m sharing it here just in case anyone can use it,

So the thing is, I upgraded my MyCloud to v04.05.00-315, and reinstalled Nazar’s Transmission and Flexget. Using the same config.yml as before upgrading, I got this when running Flexget:

2017-04-24 22:47 DEBUG manager Figuring out config load paths
2017-04-24 22:47 DEBUG manager Adding virtualenv path
2017-04-24 22:47 DEBUG manager Found config: /root/.config/flexget/config.yml
2017-04-24 22:47 DEBUG manager Config file /root/.config/flexget/config.yml selected
2017-04-24 22:47 VERBOSE task_queue There are 1 tasks to execute. Shutdown will commence when they have completed.
2017-04-24 22:47 CRITICAL task series_newpct BUG: Unhandled error in plugin form: parse() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘transport_encoding’
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/opt/flexget/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/flexget/task.py”, line 435, in _runplugin
return method(*args, **kwargs)
File “/opt/flexget/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/flexget/event.py”, line 22, in call
return self.func(*args, **kwargs)
File “/opt/flexget/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/flexget/plugins/plugin_formlogin.py”, line 57, in on_task_start
for form in br.forms():
File “/opt/flexget/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/mechanize/_mechanize.py”, line 525, in forms
return self._factory.forms()
File “/opt/flexget/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/mechanize/_html.py”, line 267, in forms
self.currentforms, self.currentglobal_form = self.getforms()
File “/opt/flexget/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/mechanize/_html.py”, line 282, in getforms
if self.root is None:
File “/opt/flexget/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/mechanize/_html.py”, line 247, in root
response, verify=False))
File “/opt/flexget/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/mechanize/_html.py”, line 149, in content_parser
TypeError: parse() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘transport_encoding’

I thought it could be a compatibility problem with the new firmware, but the solution was a lot easier: I editted my config.yml file and got rid of all the “form” section. Flexget is running fine as always.

The weird thing is, apparently, nothing has changed on the torrent site I use. This is what I’ve removed from the config file:

  passfield: userPass
  password: mypasswordhere
  url: http://www.newpct.com/entrar/
  userfield: userName
  username: myusernamehere

“userPass” and “userName” fields still exist on the site so… I really don’t get why it’s working again but… it’s working!

So Nazar, thank you once again for the advice, even in the wrong thread.

NP. Glad it’s now working for you.