[APP] qBittorrent various versions for firmware V4+ (05/2016)

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The qBittorrent project aims to provide a Free Software alternative to µTorrent. Additionally, qBittorrent runs and provides the same features on all major platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, OS/2, FreeBSD).

This is qBittorrent (qBittorent-nox) v3.x.x for WDMyCloud V4 Firmware successfully built with 64K page size memory patch. For setups and details, refer to http://www.qbittorrent.org/.

For those interested on how to build from the source, refer to this thread. It may help others to continue supporting the 64K page size memory for other packages. Below are my simplified instructions on how to get it installed on the V4 firmware (will not work on older firmwares).

AND I have also made an online generic 64K page size memory package installer to simplify the installations of Debian packages on WDMyCloud. This will not work on older version 3 WD firmwares and I’m not planning to support it either as I’m sticking with the V4 firmwares. Based on dynamic server-side FastCGI, perl and shell scripts, I’ll be using this method for newer guides from now onwards. Feel free to parse the script codes. All bug reports, opinions and suggestions are welcomed.

The Generic Online Installer:

1) Auto download of required debs including its dependencies if any.
2) Debs installation in the required order to prevent dependency issues.
3) Auto run custom configurations if any.

If you proceed further, you are fully aware of the usual WD’s _warranty void _clauses including disclaimer from any damages that may resulted from this guide.

  • Enable SSH on your NAS from the WD DashBoard settings if not done so. SSH to your NAS port 22 using i.e. putty root@wdmycloud.

  • To proceed with the installation, first you need to get the username and password from me. The credentials will expire hourly e.g. “1AM,2AM,3AM…” to prevent intentional abuse on my network resources. Click on the link below to get the credentials :


  • After obtaining the credentials, just copy & paste into the SSH terminal session of your WDMyCloud:

    export NAZAR78_USER=user; export NAZAR78_PASS=pass; export NAZAR78_KEYS=keys;

  • Then run the online installer on your WDMyCloud copy & paste as below, follow the instructions and enjoy (-:

    Version 3.4.0alpha-1:
    curl teanazar.com/installer.fcgi?qbittorrent-nox_3.4.0alpha-1|sh;

    Version 3.3.3-1:
    curl teanazar.com/installer.fcgi?qbittorrent-nox_3.3.3-1|sh;

    Version 3.3.4-1:
    curl teanazar.com/installer.fcgi?qbittorrent-nox_3.3.4-1|sh;

For quick backup and restore when WD release newer firmware update:

  • Before updating firmware:
    tar zcf /shares/Public/qbittorrent.tar.gz ~/.config/qBittorrent;

  • After updating firmware:
    tar xf /shares/Public/qbittorrent.tar.gz -C /;

  • Run the online installer again. Your settings will be preserved and you may then remove the tar backup.

Online Installer change log:

[20160118] Added qBittorrent v3.4.0alpha-1 - Test version.
[20160128] Added qBittorrent v3.3.3-1 - Released version.
[20160506] Added qBittorrent v3.3.4-1 - Updated to libtorrent-rasterbar-1.0.8.
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Wow that’s pretty cool. Thanks for sharing @Nazar78

No problem :slight_smile: It has much improvements in recent updates.

UPDATES: qBittorrent v3.4.0alpha for firmware V4 now released to public! More info from the top post. Enjoy (-:

Is it possible to build version 3.3.3 ?? (or share some guide how to do it?)

Actually I already have but not released yet. I’ll load it up soon. Do keep a look out in the next few days.

My build guide is on the top link of all my APPs post :slightly_smiling:

For those who’s following this post, a new version has been added to the first post. If you have installed the earlier Test version (v3.4.0alpha), you can just install over this official released version (v3.3.3). As promised to my donors, they will be the first to receive newer builds. I’ll make it public soon so stay tuned (-:

[20160128] Added qBittorrent v3.3.3-1 - Released version.

Finally managed to build it using 64k-jessie and sid repository.
libtorrent-rasterbar8 build from sid rep
qbittorrent 3.3.3 build from source.

Welcome to the 64k building club :wink:

Thanks for such an easy install. But I have a problem with download speed. Directly on the same LAN cable and the same torrent with laptop I have stable 10mb/s, with qBittorrent and My Cloud - unstable from 0,5 up to 2Mb/s. Is it normal?

What you’re getting is normal. Considering the NAS load and seed/peers. I’ve got average about 9-10MB/s but most of the time 1-2MB/s or less when the MyCloud is busy. MyCloud is not powerful enough for heavy torrenting. For leisure or scheduled downloads, it’s good enough. But if I need full speed, I switch to wired desktop/laptop to utilize my 1Gbps symmetrical fiber.

I installed this and sick rage on my 4tb my cloud. Worked great thanks, but the drive freezes up while downloading now. Have to unplug it and plug it back in every hour or so for it to run correctly again. Any suggestions?

Similar to Transmission, MyCloud is not powerful enough to do heavy torrenting. Limit your connections i.e. 50 and downloads to only one at a time while queue the rest.

UPDATES: qBittorrent v3.3.3 for firmware V4 now released to public! More info from the top post. Enjoy (-:

Transmission better than qbittorrent :smiley: With a very good remote software.

To each his own :stuck_out_tongue: I prefer Transmission (I’m more CLI technical) but qBittorrent (UI friendly) gives me better download speed.

You can also get Transmission from this thread:

I install transmission in your way :sunglasses: (Thank you) Transmission have very simple and successful UI.

Is it possible to install uTorrent? It also installed Buffalo link station. I expect the new works.

UTorrent is a closed source code.

How to uninstall qbittorrent?
Also whenever I try installing transmission or qbittorrent(again),I get Negative! Have a nice day (-:

I’ve replied to you previously. For uninstalling, it’s standard, dpkg -P qbittorrent-nox;.