[APP] GoodSync for WD My Cloud. Backup and file synchronization

GoodSync is a backup and file synchronization program. It is used for synchronizing files between two directories, either on one computer, or between a computer and another storage device (e.g. another computer, a removable disc, a flash drive or a smartphone) or between a computer and a remote computer or server.
WebSite GoodSync for Western Digital MyCloud NAS

The GoodSync Client ( gsync ) can run on WD My Could, Siber Systems© doesn`t say this in overview. (firmware v04.04.03-113)

GoodSync Client supports Apple Filing Protocol (AFP), Windows Local, Windows Net Share, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Windows Mobile devices, Windows Azure, Dropbox, OneDrive, Office365, SkyDrive, OneFile, OneDrive Pro (Sharepoint) and Google Docs.
before the installation you need to create an account on GS connect (free)
Installation manual GS RFM!!!

Jobs.tix default folder /root/.goodsync
The Job list can be exported from a Windows or Mac Client . I setup all syncs by GSTP File Servers (gstp:// IP:33333 ) within my LAN.

To run synchronization on schedule use crontab .
crontab -e
Example from my crontab flie
0 */5 * * * /DataVolume/shares/GoodSync/gsync sync /all

From PuTTY full path /DataVolume/shares/GoodSync/gsync --help

GoodSync Server installation
If You dont want to join GS Global Server , tick the box when setup your GSTP server

GoodSync Server settings on WD MyCloud
port 11000 from Web Browser

I could not download/upload from OneDrive , because it asks for additional authentication.

You cat download files from GDrive GS files (Old and Free)

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Thank you for sharing. This is a very good app.

Still, it should be noted such proceedings are not warranted or supported by Western Digital.

I relay on Siber System IT professionals. I believe ,they know what they do.

To run synchronization on schedule use crontab .
crontab -e
Example from my crontab flie
0 */5 * * * /DataVolume/shares/GoodSync/gsync sync /all

Hi there,
i´ve a problem with the installation.
here´s my copy from Putty:

Enable GsServer Web UI on port 11000 [y/n]? y

Server log directory [/home/root/.goodsync/server]: /shares/Public

- Checking log directory…
- Writing GoodSync Connect credentials
gs-server: Profile at /home/root/.goodsync/server
- Writing server settings…

Your server is now configured for GoodSync Connect

Do you want to configure GsServer service (run as daemon) [y/n]? y

System User ID (run daemon as) [root]: root

- Checking log directory…
- Copying server configuration files to /etc/goodsync-server/.goodsync/server…
- Preparing init script…
chown: unknown user
ERROR: failed to chown init script
root@Bianca-Cloud / #

I also tried with other users… same problem.

Thanks for any idea…

Peter_S , try to install the app couple times ! MyCloud Debian can unzip package with fault. It happens with me right now.

I have one more error today
Profile folder: /root/.goodsync
Loaded 8 jobs from /root/.goodsync/jobs.tix.
105114 No jobs to run.

I download GoodSync Linux for ARM v5 Marvell from GS site

and unzip files in the installation directoriy
The problem is fixed.


i´ve a problem with the installation on chroot:

Chroot:/# pwd
Chroot:/# wget http://www.goodsync.co…v5_marvell-release.run
--2016-09-18 19:55:08-- http://www.goodsync.co…v5_marvell-release.run
Resolving www.goodsync.com (www.goodsync.com)...
Connecting to www.goodsync.com (www.goodsync.com)||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 6166175 (5.9M) [application/octet-stream]
Saving to: `goodsync-linux-armv5_marvell-release.run'

100%[==============================================================================================================================>] 6,166,175 492K/s in 13s

2016-09-18 19:55:22 (462 KB/s) - `goodsync-linux-armv5_marvell-release.run' saved [6166175/6166175]

Chroot:/# sh ./goodsync-linux-armv5_marvell-release.run
Verifying archive integrity... All good.
Uncompressing GoodServer for Unix/Linux version Warning: cannot read table of mounted file systems: No such file or directory

GoodSync for Linux armv5_marvell Setup

System information:
Comcerto 2000 EVM -- Linux 3.2.26 #1 SMP Thu Jul 9 11:14:15 PDT 2015 wd-2.4-rel armv7l unknown unknown

Installation directory [/usr/bin]: /mnt/GoodSync/
Server resource directory [/mnt/GoodSync/]: /mnt/GoodSync/

df: Warning: cannot read table of mounted file systems: No such file or directory
- Stopping existing instances of GsServer...
- Copying binaries to /mnt/GoodSync/...
- Copying resources to /mnt/GoodSync/...

Do you want to run GoodSync Connect Setup [y/n]? y

GoodSync Connect User ID: ***********

GoodSync Connect Password:

Enable GsServer Web UI on port 11000 [y/n]? y

Server log directory [/root/.goodsync/server]: /mnt/GoodSync/

- Checking log directory...
- Writing GoodSync Connect credentials
./install-script.sh: 1: ./install-script.sh: /mnt/GoodSync//gs-server: not found
ERROR: failed to configure server:

Please help!

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Try /DataVolume/shares/GoodSync/ . Create this folder before installation.

Before installing I created the folder /DataVolume/shares/GoodSync/ primary OS - didn’t work. Tried to create under chroot /mnt/GoodSync/ install the program failed. Please tell me more ways.

Cyril, a global error Linux. The issue is due to the fact that you have installed is not suitable for this Linux package. Installer package does not understand which version of Linux ustanolena. Some packages are installed and working, and some change the settings so that Linux no longer see the folders. There eschë one option: to copy the files from the archive GoodSync for Linux in the directory.

Install Good Sync manually ! Download Linux for ARM v5 Marvell from GS site and copy in your folder. Read the installation manual .
Installer may fail to update-rc.d if you are running Busybox-based firmware. In this case use the following command to start GsServer manually:
/etc/init.d/goodsync-server start

someone help me?

root@EX4 root # /mnt/HD/HD_a2/_Goodsync/gsync sync /all /progress=yes
Profile folder: /home/root/.goodsync
Loaded 2 jobs from /home/root/.goodsync/jobs.tix.

=== Job === ftp2yadisk: '' <-> 'http://webdav.yandex.ru/'
00%: ** Connecting to folder
080618 Use No Proxy
080618 FTP: Use MLST/MLSD command to list files
080618 Connected to: --------- Welcome to Pure-FTPd [privsep] [TLS] ----------You are user number 1 of 10 allowed.Local time is now 08:06. Server por ...: Syst='UNIX Type: L8' Feat='Extensions supported:: EPRT: IDLE: MDTM: SIZE: REST STREAM: MLST type*;size*;sizd*;modify*;UNIX.mode*;UNIX.uid*;UNIX.gid*;unique*;: MLSD: ESTP: PASV: EPSV: SPSV: ESTA: AUTH TLS: PBSZ: PROT: UTF8:End.'
00%: ** Connecting to folder http://webdav.yandex.ru/
080618 Redirecting to https://webdav.yandex.ru/
080618 Basic authentication requested by server webdav.yandex.ru: MochiWeb/1.0
080618 Connected to: http://webdav.yandex.ru: DAV server: MochiWeb/1.0:
080618 -- Analysis Started by User
080618 ftp2yadisk: ANALYSIS started by User on 'EX4' (GoodSync
080618 [TmpDest] [NoGsData] =NoPropDels=> http://webdav.yandex.ru/ (http://webdav.yandex.ru) [TmpDest] [NoGsData], NoCopyLocked, NoWaitForLocks, LinksCopy, ReconnectSecs=120, ChangeLimit=50
080618 Exclude Hidden, Exclude System, Exclude name *._gstmp|/System Volume Information|Thumbs.db|.DS_Store
080618 Redirecting to https://webdav.yandex.ru/
080618 Locking folder for write
080618 Do not lock folder, because it is read-only
080618 L: State file does not exist in mirror: /home/root/.goodsync/_mirrors_/ftp-
01%: Expecting 0 folders
46%: Comparing L
080618 L: Files: 49 (excluded 0). Folders: 1 (excluded 0). Times (s): Folder Scan: 0.020 (2500 f/s), Compare: 0.000 FTP: --------- Welcome to Pure-FTPd [privsep] [TLS] ----------You are user number 1 of 10 allowed.Local time is now 08:06. Server por ...
080618 Locking folder http://webdav.yandex.ru for write
080618 Redirecting to https://webdav.yandex.ru/_gsdata_/_insync_v4.gsl
080619 Delete abandoned lock file at http://webdav.yandex.ru
080619 Deleted lock file /home/root/.goodsync/_mirrors_/http-webdav.yandex.ru/lock.gsl
080619 R: State file does not exist in mirror: /home/root/.goodsync/_mirrors_/http-webdav.yandex.ru/_file_state_v4._gs
48%: Expecting 0 folders
94%: Comparing R
080619 R: Files: 9 (excluded 0). Folders: 0 (excluded 0). Times (s): Folder Scan: 0.050 (180 f/s), Compare: 0.000 DAV server: MochiWeb/1.0, Free: 210.0 GB, Total: 210.0 GB
96%: Applying Exclude and Include Filters
97%: Comparing Left to Right
98%: PostProcessing
Segmentation fault

and finish error “Segmentation fault”, wtf?
ps: if files created on both servers - gsync working normal (no upload, no download)
if i change files and sync then i have this error…

WD my cloud ex4

I am not sure, but it looks like the job settings problem. Check you tick “Create left/right Sync folders if they are not found”

I have a problem of install the resource directory.
show that space not enough?


Version : is available.
Try. But when I had a problem to install GS , I reinstall Debian. It was easy for me than find a problem.

It is not full ! Must be /DataVolume/shares/

I too am having this problem. I have downloaded the program, and run the installer and it’s saying I do not have enough free Space.

Same error as the above person’s issue,

Any ideas??

It is not full part! Must be /DataVolume/shares/

I also tried to install Gsync with the same error-code "not enough space"altoutgh I installed it at /DataVolumens/shares?
Can anybody help us?